Monday, June 4, 2012

Tundra Road Trip (Retreat Spoiler Alert!)

Tricia, Brenda and I took a little road trip to Green Bay last week. Our destination was the Tundra Lodge, which just so happens to be where all the Retreat action takes place in just a few short months. After meeting with the amazing staff, we snapped a few pics on Brenda's camera-phone to share with you. (I apologize in advance for any blurriness.)
Karen & Tricia by the "big-as-a-house" stone fireplace.
Full view of fireplace with comfy sitting cabin-cozy!

Bullwinkle's cousin (I think).
I promise he's a lot friendlier than he looks.

Oh, and did you know this place isn't JUST the Tundra Lodge Resort...but that it's a Waterpark, too? You better bring your swimsuit, 'cause this looks like a lot of fun!

I know, I know...blurry. Just take my word for it, it looks like a  BLAST!

So that's it, folks...we are going to have a fabulous time. I mean, did ya see all of those photo opportunities? This place was MADE for scrapbookers! If you aren't already registered to join us, what are you waiting for? There's still room in October, and let me just tell you, Wisconsin is a kaleidoscope of color in the Fall.

C'mon, join us for the amazing, fun, life-altering experience that is a Club Scrap the Loreal Preference commercial says, "Because you're worth it!"


  1. WOW, Karen, what a fun little day trip that must have been. The resort is amazingly beautiful!
    I am just so sorry I can't be with you all in October this year. I will miss you all terribly. HUGS!

  2. Wooo, Hooo!
    Looks like a great place, thank you for the little tease!
    I can hardly wait ! ! !
    . . . 2 Months and 4 days !!


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