Monday, August 20, 2012

Cards for Operation Write Home

Happy Monday, everyone!

For August Retreat, Club Scrap hosted a very special card drive for Operation Write Home. (If you're not familiar with OWH, you can go HERE for more information.) Each Retreat attendee was asked to bring along handmade cards they created to donate to this very worthy cause. And boy did they come through!!!!

Operation Write Home has some pretty high standards when it comes to the cards they send to heroes all over the world, so we wanted to make sure every card met those guidelines. Confirming each card was stamped with the OWH logo on the back, and making sure every card had its own envelope using the proper "tuck" method was a big job, and thankfully, we had some helpers on hand who were up for the task!

Marilee (L) and Emily (R)

Tricia's daughter, Emily, and Kay's daughter, Marilee, both happened to be in the office last Thursday, and they both took on the task with gusto.

They even sorted the cards by occasion, to make things easier on the OWH volunteers who'll further process the cards. Way to go, ladies!!!

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of our August Retreat attendees, and to the hard work of these fine young ladies, we were able to donate 731 greeting cards, and 3 "Any Hero" cards to Operation Write Home. Yay!

731 cards, stamped, tucked and ready to ship
I don't know about you, but I LOVE making cards, and after a few months of putting together my Greetings to Go, I have more than just a few left over. It makes me feel awesome to be able to share these spare cards with those who need and appreciate them.

If you'd like to become more involved in this cause, there are so many different ways to do so! Check out all the details on the Operation Home website.

Have a great week!


  1. excellent! They are going to love them, I just sent a box of 115 cards + 10 Any Hero Cards myself!

  2. Way to go Club Scrappers! What a wonderful cause.
    And how great that Emily and Marilee could help out too.

  3. What a wonderful contribution! Way to go, CS Retreaters!! And thanks Emily and Marilee, who I feel like I know thanks to all their moms' scrapbook pages!

  4. Thank you for supporting OWH. What a great focus for a retreat, and how nice that Emily and Marilee got into it, too.

  5. Way to go everyone!!

  6. Thank you Club Scrap
    and Emily & Marilee!!!

    I know OWH really, really appreciates
    the Stamp & Tuck done before mailing!

  7. Thanks for helping our deployed heroes.

  8. Thank so much for your thoughtful generosity!!

    1. *That's 'Thanks,' of course!! ;-)

  9. God Bless you for helping OWH! So appreciated!

  10. Way to go Club Scrap!!! Thank you for supporting OWH!

  11. Thank you for supporting OWH! I am sure our deployed heroes will love your cards!

  12. Awesome! Thanks for supporting OWH!

  13. Awesome! Thanks for supporting OWH!


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