Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What do the color orange and margaritas have in common?

Since all of us bloggers are doing our "12 things" this week, I thought it would be fun to interview our AMAZING Member Services Goddess, Rita, to find out what her 12 would be. Check it out! (And dontcha just love this newly taken pic of Rita? What a hottie!)

Rita here...Karen is helping me because I'm rather "technically challenged" sometimes. Here are my current 12 favorites:

1. Family – My husband Tim of 22 years in Oct. and 3 kids – Paul, August & Noah and of course my family and Tim’s family.

2. Orange – Karen says orange is my "signature color", whatever that means. But what a beautiful color, in my opinion you can never have enough orange. (Are you seeing a trend here with my outfits?)

3.Cookies – What was Sesame Street thinking taking away “Cookie Monster”? Definitely cookies--but NOT chocolate ones. Grandma's molasses we're tawking.

4. Rock – Our yorkie/terrier dog who thinks he’s a cat. He's so buff that he'll definitely protect me when Tim is not home. Just look at that face!

5. The Voice – I love watching Blake Shelton & Adam Levine. There's nothing like a good night of “eye” candy with these boys.

6. CS Acrylic Rulers – I just love them, in all the sizes and I take them with me all the time when crafting.

7. Motorcycles – Currently we don’t have one, but we plan to get one as soon as we can.  Tim sold his Kawasaki 650 about 24 years ago to put a ring on my finger. (I'm sure you can all figure out the rest of the story…too poor to buy a motorcycle when you have kids.)

8. Mexican Food – I really think that I was previously Mexican, as I could have Mexican food every day-- and of course that would include margaritas. (Or as Karen says, "margaRITA"-get it?)

9. Movies – The best movies have Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Richard Gere or Patrick Swayze, and not too much blood & guts for this gal.

10. Starbucks – I like to “treat” myself every couple of weeks to a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, hot in winter & cold in summer. Mmmm.

11. Quiet time – I usually get up with Tim at 4:30/5:00 am so the house is nice and quiet which means I can then do "my" thing without any interruptions.

 12. Crafting – I have not done much lately but I'm really looking forward to getting back into my basement studio once the weather is cold again. (Crafting is more of a winter-sport here in WI, you only get so much nice weather to enjoy the outdoors.)

So there you have it. If you have any questions, call me, I'll be at Club Scrap!

Rita Braun
Club Scrap Member Services


  1. Fantabu-lous picture of you! I think I was mexican in a former life too!

  2. That's our beautiful Rita! Thanks for sharing your twelve!

  3. Love the photo Rita! So great learning all these things about our favorite Club Scrap Customer Service gal!

  4. Rita, how wonderful to see your list. Great family you have and sweet doggie. I think we have many things in common.


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