Monday, October 22, 2012

Doing good, feels good!

As Ron mentioned last week, we are still basking in the after glow of our recent October Club Scrap Retreat. One of the many activities we offered was an Operation Write Home Card drive. Retreat attendees were asked to participate by bringing along handmade cards to donate to OWH, and boy did they ever!

The card drive was Saturday evening, and the table set aside for OWH cards was just overflowing with gorgeous cards! Kay even caught JoAnn on film as she added an incredible 3 gift bags full of cards to the growing collection.

The final count for the October Retreat OWH drive was an awesome 718 cards! Amazing! Now someone just had to sort, tuck and count all those cards...but I was up for the challenge. As you can imagine, sorting 718 cards is a pretty big job, so I asked my daughter, Emma, if she wanted to help out. First of all, she loves crafting with her Momma, so she could fully appreciate the hard work and talent that went into each of the cards. But as it turned out, volunteering for the job would also count toward her Community Service hours for school. It was a win-win!

Emma, who by now is a "pro" at the tucking method!
Emma logged in just over 4 hours helping me out. She was such a trooper! Even Remy helped keep us company during the 2 evenings we spent working on the cards. (Doesn't he looked tired from all that helping?)

An exhausted's so hard being cute!
After we sorted the AnyHero cards brought by the October Retreaters and mailed by Libby Mueller (see last Monday's blog post), our count was at 88. Well, Emma and I decided that a much better number would be an even "hundred", so we wrote out 12 of our own AnyHero cards to add to the mix.

All in all, Emma and I had a pretty good time...laughing, visiting, and enjoying the creativity of all of our generous Retreaters. It turns out doing good FEELS really good, too!

Creatively yours,



  1. WOW, Emma, way to go! That is so much work and it sounds like you were a big help! And congrats to everyone who donated cards, what a wonderful thing to do for a great cause!

  2. Great job Emma and Karen and all the retreaters! This is one of my favorite "pet projects" and I know how much work it is envelope stuffing and then packing the cards up to mail off. A job well done and very much appreciated by our heros!

  3. How awesome that Emma could get Community Service credit for the job! Thanks so much to both of you for that big job!

  4. Great project. So glad that us RIAB'ers were able to participate in this too. Hopefully it can be an ongoing project.

  5. WOW!!!!! What a great response!!! I am going to have to think of something like that around here! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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