Monday, October 8, 2012

Let's Talk "Swap"

Good morning, all...Karen here.

Today I thought I'd talk Swaps. As a fairly active member of the Club Scrap Community, I have had the privilege of participating in, and hosting, more than a few swaps over the years. Let me just tell you, swapping is fun and swap-hosting totally has its benefits!

My Birthday Swap Card haul for 2012.

I'm currently the host of the Birthday Club Swap. It's easy and fun. Participants make one card for each neighbor with a birthday in any given month. It's such a great way to show off your mad card-making skills, and the birthday card recipients get showered with birthday greetings. So, not only do I get a boat-load of amazingly beautiful birthday cards in my birthday month (July, just in case you were wondering), but sometimes I even get a little something extra, just for me, from the participants as a "thank you" for hosting. (You know who you are.) There's still time to sign up for the October Swap (for November birthdays) if you'd like to join us!

Right now I'm hosting the 2012 Retreat in a Box Charm Swap, and I'm having an absolute blast! I get to have first peek at each charm before they are swapped out to find homes with their new owners. I'm here to tell ya, there are some super-talented people in our Community! Since this RIABer already posted a pic of her charms on the Coffeehouse Forum, I don't feel like I'm spoiling any surprises here by sharing them with you.

RIAB Charms by Norma.

See what I mean? And some charms were even packaged creatively for shipping to the Clubhouse...I'm totally taking this cute little box home after the swap is completed. I'm sure this RIABer won't mind at all. ;0)

Creative packaging for RIAB Charms by Community Neighbor "sophieno".
Up next on my agenda is co-hosting the 3rd Annual Christmas Card Swap with my pal, Rita. It's sure to be big fun. The swap details can be found here, so come on over if you wanna play with us.

You can find out what swaps are currently going on here. AND there's a whole section of the Community Coffeehouse Forum dedicated to all kinds of swaps hosted by all kinds of wonderful people. Be sure to check it out!


  1. I have really enjoyed participating in a variety of swaps with Club Scrap! So much fun and so many cool things from my CS family!

  2. Oooh, so cool. Another project for an upcoming Scrap Rap? :) I just got my Sept box of cards (I'll take pics soon and post), plus I joined the Xmas Card Swap. Love that one!

  3. Even being at retreat this year, I was still wanting to sign up for RIAB!


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