Monday, October 15, 2012

Libby's Heroic Mission

Once in a while, we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves . . . a part of something so special, you just can't help but feel all warm and wonderful inside. I simply had to share this letter from one of our dear members who had attended the Club Scrap® Retreat in August. Libby's letter was accompanied by a very large box, sent to us in time to ship with the OWH cards collected at our October Retreat. Thank you, Libby, for another reminder of why we love doing what we do!

Dear Tricia, Rita, and all my Club Scrap friends,

I was a little disappointed when the OWH cards were turned in at last retreat, because only a few cards were [AnyHero Cards] written to our service men and women. When I returned home, I decided to challenge myself to make and send at least 50 AnyHero cards to Club Scrap.

I went to my friends and encouraged them to make cards, fill them out and bring them to me, or, take some of mine to write on, etc. As of the writing of this letter, I have collected nearly 100 cards written and addressed to the members of our armed forces. I recently had one knee replaced, and by the time you receive this, the second knee will also have been replaced.

Just a sampling of the 100+ cards Libby sent to us.
While at the hospital, I asked the doctors and nurses to write messages in the cards. One friend, who drove me to several hospital appointments, filled her waiting time by writing AnyHero messages. (I have also sent several "blank" cards for our service members to send home.)

I truly believe this is an important need, and this cause is near and dear to my heart, as I have a daughter in the Air Force. I know how much a simple note can mean to someone overseas.

We couldn't resist sharing this hand-drawn message for one of our Heroes.
Thank you for making this so easy for us to participate in OWH, and for all the good Club Scrap, and Club Scrap members to.

Wish I was with you!
Libby Mueller

Club Scrap is proud to partner with Operation Write Home on their mission to supply heroes with handmade greeting cards to send home to their loved ones. AnyHero Mail consists of cards containing hand-written messages of encouragement and gratitude for those serving in the armed forces. These cards top off every box of cards OWH sends, and they are distributed to those men and women who might not normally receive much mail. For more information about AnyHero Mail, click here.

We invite our blog readers to join us in this great cause. Of course, cards can be sent directly to OWH using the information on their website; however, we recognize that the authorized OWH shippers have a BIG job preparing cards for their journey to our Heroes. Therefore, cards created for OWH can be sent to our offices at any time. We are happy to help with the sorting and tucking, as well as adding liners and stamping the OWH logo onto cards (if needed), before they are bulk-shipped to OWH...hopefully making their job much easier! To participate, send cards created using the OWH guidelines to:

Club Scrap, Inc.
W6484 Design Drive
Greenville, WI 54942
Attn: Karen Wyngaard

Creatively yours,


  1. Way to go Libby! You have one of the biggest hearts! Nicely done! And, you look amazing! Chris

  2. How awesome, I can just imagine how those cards make our service men and women feel. Very very special!

  3. Awesome Libby! It was so cool to see all your Hero Cards!

  4. Great job making all those Any Hero Cards! Our west coast group recently collected cards,and like CS we were short on Any Hero cards. Several gals pitched in and made a bunch.

  5. This is fantastic!!! How amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!!

  6. I am truly touched by this story, and also for the generous offer from Club Scrap to stamp, line and tuck before sending to the shippers! Awesome!!

    Pat Kinkaid

  7. Thank you Libby for your dedication and your family's service, I am so grateful. Thank you Club Scrap for being a great partner with OWH. :)
    Melissa T.

  8. Thank you for all your work and for getting others to join you.
    Beth - Army Mom

  9. Thank you Libby! You are an inspiration! Thank you Club Scrap for being such a great OWH partner!!
    Ann M.- Army Mom

  10. This is such a sweet story. Thank you Libby. I make cards for OWH and always include any hero cards. I think about if it were me in a far off country how I would feel wondering if anybody cared. I have only started doing this about a month ago and it has done so much for me. You are a wonderful lady.


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