Monday, November 12, 2012

A Place for Everything...Part Deux

I don't know about you, but my quest for craft room organization continues. With the holidays coming, I have to make that difficult decision as to whether or not I can/will make the time to clean up my basement craft room. A decision, which in turn, determines whether holiday guests will be allowed in the basement this year, or if I have to hang that "Danger Do Not Cross" tape across the doorway again.

Therefore, I spent an insane amount of a little time on Pinterest again this past weekend in search of ways to get my little corner of the basement under control. I just know if I scour the internet long enough, I will find that "magic" secret formula that will whip me into organized shape . . . finally . . . after all these years. Right? I mean, there's gotta be something out there, right?

So without further ado, I share with you, my good friends, my findings...

Apparently, (or should I say obviously?) the first step to organizing your space is to (gulp!) purge. Does your craft space look a little something like this?
Before purge.
Now purging sounds reasonable enough, but what to keep? What to toss? Well, I found a post dedicated to exactly that topic HERE. (I really like this gal's writing style, too...she made me laugh.) And actually, you just might just wanna go ahead and bookmark this site. After all, you could probably kill a few hours find something helpful on a site dedicated to Craft Storage I right?

After purge.
Of course the space looks tons better after the purge. I could purge...sure I could. No problem. I'd just have to make sure my purged crafty stuff went to a "good home". Yeah, that shouldn't be an issue at all.

I also like organization ideas that are "green"...ones that follow the 3 R's: Reuse, Renew and Recycle. There are a lot of cute and clever ideas out there. This one was one of my favorites:

Isn't that cool? I could store a lot of stuff on something like this. I especially like the muffin pan...I could see that working quite nicely for all my little embellishments. (I have just a few, lol.)

Oh, and there's one more "R" that will help us on our quest for organization...Repurpose! Check this out:

I'm not really a fan of clear stamps (I know, I know...paper snob/rubber snob...that's me), but I have a gazillion nice stash of Club Scrap UM stamps that just might like a home like this one. How handy would this be?

Well, there ya have it. I think I'll give one or more of these clever ideas a try. Maybe, just maybe, we can let friends and relatives in the basement this year. Here's hoping...

Creatively yours,



  1. I am with ya on this one Karen! I always love looking for ways to repurpose items for scrapping storage. One of my faves was turning cleaned up baby food jars into button storage. I sorted them by color.

  2. I am always trying to find the perfect set up and am always redoing things in my "Therapy Room"
    Thanks for the idea!

    1. I love the term "therapy room"!!! How appropriate!

  3. I love my craft space and I love thrift shops. Most of my favorite storage items are found there. I have an old wooden 8 track storage unit, about 14 tall, that swivels and has openings on four sides to slide the ink pads in. It stores all my SUp old style pads and other common rectangle pads(about 12 on each side)

    Also found a pampered chef spice turn table with jars for my buttons. I find that sorting buttons is very calming for me. So I have jars for each color and type of button such as: gold-shank or holes/flat and white-pearly/vintage or new. They look so pretty by the window and don't fade.


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