Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Galleria Stroll for Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

With the holidays approaching, I find myself inspired to create handmade gifts for my loved ones. We have so many talented people on our forum that share their finished projects in our Galleria. I came across a few projects I thought would make perfect gifts, so I thought I'd share with all of you!

The Shutter Box Project holds quite a few photos and makes a unique and wonderful way to display them. This variation was created by Julie Heyer using papers from the Short Sleeve Pants collection.

Who doesn't like jewelry? And its even better when the pieces are handmade with love. This Bold Blooms Club Stamp Project was a unique handmade pendant. This beauty was created by Ron Perry. He even created a custom gift box. So clever!

Sometimes the occasion calls for a nice gift that is quick and inexpensive. Cyndy's Altered Composition Notebook fits the bill perfectly. The cover can be customized to fit the recipient's favorite colors and/or their personality. 

Handmade books are always a hit (at least in my book-pun intended)! Pam Butler's Quick Jot Journals are one of those simple projects that make a big impact...and they have dozens of uses...such as a journal, notebook, mini album and so much more.

And let's not forget holiday decorations! Some projects lend themselves to becoming festive holiday decor. A great example is this Holiday Tussie Mussie by Paddlegal (Farley Cross). This project would make a great decoration for your holiday tree, or a cute container for a small gift for someone special.

These are just a few of many great ideas and examples available on the Club Scrap Coffeehouse Forum and Art Galleria. To be inspired by all the talented artists on our site, I invite you to take a quick stroll for yourself!

Creatively yours,



  1. WOW, Karen thanks so much for sharing all these fun projects and for showcasing mine :) We have some awesome talent in the gallery!

  2. Thanks for sharing these projects, Karen! I got a little behind reading my favorite blogs' posts this week and just saw this! :)


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