Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's Go Online Shopping!

I'm so excited to share Club Scrap's online store update with you! Kristin did such a great job transferring everything over, maybe you didn't even notice we made the switch? The process was quite seamless!

There's so much more to the new cart . . . yeah, it looks really cool, and it's easy to navigate . . . but the best part is, we have a lot of really awesome behind-the-scenes stuff happening.

This new cart has been on our staff wish list for longer than we can remember. We dreamed of a shopping experience for our members and customers that was effortless; featuring beautiful photos, thorough descriptions, links to sources of inspiration AND secure shopping. A cart that allowed us to create any 'ol sale or promotion we could dream up, as well as programs to reward our loyal shoppers. As we've learned, no cart is perfect, but we're all about improvements.

Phase two of our transfer will involve the integration of your shopping and club membership information. Because what we do is so unique from the typical online shopping experience, we'll be working harder than ever to develop processes that will continue to offer the flexibility you've come to enjoy.

Of course, change is usually accompanied by a bit of confusion, but no worries. We've got your back! We've prepared an FAQ page that will address the most common questions, and you can give us a call or shoot us an email if additional questions arise.

If you have already done so, check out the new look. Browse around. We hope you like what you see!

Happy shopping!


  1. Love it and appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes! Thanks for the update Karen :)

  2. Oh good - I literally had 999 points when we switched carts so I was hoping that would all be back or I would have called soon. I like the new cart but I liked and was used to the old one so I just need to get used to this one and I will like it even more.

  3. and thanks for all the hard work, I know what a pain it is to implement new systems and get all the information setup and test everything so kudos for making it seamless!!


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