Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Christmas in July Card Drive

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending more time with my St. Bernadette's peeps. We've done a couple of Operation Write Home card drives over the last year, and this time, they wanted to do Christmas cards. So how does a group of a dozen or so create as many cards as possible in one evening? Tricia's card sketch formulas to the rescue!

Remember Christine? She and her adorable niece helped out.

So we set up three stations, with a different card formula at each. So after 3 hours, we had 218 cards!

Look who else came to play with us!

What's better than getting crafty and creative with a bunch of great friends, old and new? A fun and productive evening was had by all. And the best part? I get to update the Operation Write Home Card counter . . . woo hoo!

So what have you been doing to get creative lately? Why not grab a page or card sketch formula and get crafty!

Creatively yours,


  1. Wonderful job all of you!!

  2. Wow, that a little over 6 cards each per hour!! I bet they are all really gorgeous too!! Fun with a purpose!!

  3. This would be great fun to set up for a late evening retreat activity too!

  4. It looks like a wonderful event, Karen! Thanks for hosting! I love our new number in the counter, too!

  5. Great job, Karen and yes, that number in the OWH counter is looking amazing!!!!!

  6. What fun! 218 cards in 3 hours, simply amazing!!

    Only 687 left to hit the goal!! I'll bet we'll zoom past that by the end of the year!


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