Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Challenge Yourself!

We all agree there aren't enough hours in the day, right? There's work and kids' activities and household chores all competing for our precious time. Then, when we actually find ourselves with 30-60 extra minutes to create, we don't know where to start. Does this sound like you?

The other day I had this exact dilemma, so I turned to the Community Coffeehouse Chat for help. And guess what? I found a whole sub-forum dedicated to different challenges -- challenges designed to kick-start creativity. It's exactly what I needed.

The Card Sketch Challenge was the first challenge to catch my eye. Originally started by ScrappinJen, a new card sketch is posted each month, and participants submit a card based on that sketch. Hey, I could do that!

Here's the September sketch:

And here's the card I created:

Tribal Club Stamp papers, Tribal Greeting UM sentiment & image
Many other challenges are going on right now . . . for both card makers and scrapbookers. There's the "ALSB a Kit" Challenge, Weekly Chronicles, and the Sketch Relay for scrapbook pages. There's even a September Christmas Card Challenge (but I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to do anything Christmas just yet). I think that just about covers something for everyone, don't you?

The other challenge I chose was KnitterPam's NBUS Challenge. I'll admit, the main reason I picked it is because I HAD to find out what NBUS stood for! So now I know. (I'm not going to tell you, though. You'll have to go check it out for yourself.) The card I made using the mysterious NBUS guidelines, along with the September-specific challenge of using a "non-flying animal" stamp, is below:

Artifacts frog stamp, Concrete Jungle sentiment
How much fun was that? Well, I had fun anyway. The next time you have a free moment, I encourage you to check out the Challenges section of the Community Coffeehouse. There's always something fun going on!

Creatively yours,


  1. Karen, super post about all the fun challenges over at the Coffeehouse forum! Loving your cards and I really have to think about that NBUS challenge... it's a good one!

  2. What paper is matting the frog? Is that stash or something stamped or something new? Cute cards, I hope you posted in those challenge threads!!

    1. It was a handmade paper swatch that was a goodie in a kit, not sure if it was WOW Spring or Spring Chorus?

  3. I love that NBUS challenge! Awesome idea, Pam Butler! (Great card, Karen!)

  4. Brilliant, just enough to get me going, but not too much that I can't quickly accomplish. Thanks!

  5. Woo hoo! Love both the cards Karen! Glad you got some use out of that sketch. I have to catch up on the other challeneges too - NBUS and the layout sketch challenege are on my to do list this weekend.

  6. Great job on the challenges, Karen! This month's NBUS is a challenge, even to me! :)

  7. How did I miss this post, wonderful card

  8. Hi Karen! What a fun card! I ran across the NBUS challenge forum thread started by Pam Butler, but I couldn't comment there, so I found my way to this blog. I just thought everyone might like to know that I originally coined the NBUS acronym on my blog ( several months ago and I've kept track as the movement continues until now I've almost 70 posts with cards made using NBUS (never-before-used schtuff). Several others stampers have picked up the movement and refer back to me when they use NBUS on their cards, so you may see it on other sites. It doesn't even have to be really old never-before-used schtuff! Since I'm one to put my new purchases away, I then sometimes forget about them! It's been a wonderful way to force me to be more aware of all my schtuff and not just reach for those images I'm familiar with so that everything gets to see some ink, paper gets used, ribbons get tied, etc.

    I found Pam on Pinterest, but there's no blog that I could find, so if you could let her know about me, I would appreciate the credit. Also, please thank her and the whole group who played in the challenge for continuing and spreading my movement in your fun group!! Hugs and Happy Crafting, Darnell


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