Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday OWH!

Did you know the month of September is Operation Write Home's birthday? We here at Club Scrap would like to send birthday wishes to this great organization that helps heroes keep in touch with home.

Back in February, I proposed a challenge for Club Scrap members, customers, and staff to donate at least 2,013 cards in the year 2013. Well, guess what? Thanks to you, we surpassed that goal!

How'd we get there? We had two very generous (and busy) card makers recently contribute cards that helped our numbers significantly. Debby Hernandez and Lynne Wiekert recently donated over 100 cards each! We also have our August Retreaters to thank for a huge boost in numbers. Our Retreat guests donated a whopping 432 greeting cards and 78 AnyHero cards. Amazing!

So what is one to do when they reach a goal? I say we take it as far as we can! I challenge our October Retreaters and our Retreat-in-a-Box-ers to try to beat the August Retreat card donations. There's nothing like a little healthy competition . . . and this competition will benefit an excellent cause.

Need ideas? You can find easy card formulas that make multiple cards each, here, here, here, here, and here. Need a refresher on the "rules"? Check out the OWH guideines here. The biggest need is for general all occasion cards, like "thinking of you", "missing you", or just even "Hi!" But if you are wondering about other themes, check out OWH's list of needed themes, and themes to avoid, here.

So let's make MORE CARDS . . . can we do double by the end of the year? We'll never know if we don't try!

Creatively yours,


  1. Happy Birthday OWH!!

    And WOW, Congrats to US for meeting and exceeding our card donation numbers!

  2. Oh, it's on! Let's go, Oct Retreaters! Let's beat those August Retreater numbers!

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  4. It's a great thing that they started.

  5. I just sent in 50 cards to OWH so I don't know if they have been counted.


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