Friday, September 27, 2013

Real Spider Web Embellishment

Have you ever used an actual, real, natural spider web, made by a big hairy scary spider, in your paper crafting? I certainly had fun creating these layouts after the web harvesting experience I had in my yard some time ago. It's a fun project to do with young child if you happen to have one around. My daughter was amazed at the great results and appreciates the beauty of nature all the more. The idea came to me last fall in my yard when I noticed a lot of large flat spider webs suspended between the shrubs. The perfect kind for spray painting white and attaching to the Club Scrap black cardstock I had in my stash, creating the perfect background for Halloween pages and cards. 

Real Spider Web Embellishment Made By Nature, Kay Williamson


1. Find a large spider web outside suspended between shrubs or plants away from anything you would worry about getting a little paint overspray on, the standard flat round orb webs work the best. Choose to do this on a non windy day. 

2. Tap the web before you start spray painting to make sure no spiders are home. 

3. Hold a newspaper directly behind and under the web while spray painting to catch the paint that goes through the web. 

4. Use white spray paint to cover the web, spraying in circular motions. The more paint you get on the web the more it will show up on your card stock. I have a few half-used spray paint cans in my basement, so I just grabbed a white one so it would show up on black paper. 

5. Remove the newspaper carefully to not disrupt the newly painted web. 

6. Hold the black cardstock parallel behind the spider web and pull through the web. The web is naturally sticky and the paint is still wet so it dries onto the cardstock.

7. Set aside flat to dry. 

8. Use for background paper for scrapbooking and Halloween cardmaking. 

I just think this is fun to do every year about this time, so here I am blogging about it again!
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  1. Love this idea and just in time for Halloween, thanks for sharing Kay!

  2. Holy Spidey Scaryness Batman! While I do admit that looks super cool could you please just make it into printed paper I can buy so I don't have to possibly run into a spider friend?

  3. This was cool then, and it is still cool today!

    Janet...Printed paper would be a nice thing to have. Think I ran into that spider friend the other day when I was outside near my shrubs...yikes.


  4. Fantastic idea. New to me. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow what a great idea !! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have a couple of those webs waiting for me, and I was trying to remember exactly how you did it - so your timing of this is perfect! Thanks!

  7. No. No no no no no. Just ... NO. Sorry. :)

    1. What? Afraid of spiders Lucy? heheee
      Just kidding, I totally understand this wouldn't appeal to some, but would look cool done on a canvas too!

  8. made me laugh! I love the look, does it have to be sealed?

    1. I didn't seal the pages I created using the web backgrounds (not that it wouldn't be a good idea though) however the spray paint enclosing the web, sticking to the cardstock seems to be holding up fine in the page protector of my album.

  9. Ohhhh, that brings back memories. Did this with my boys when they were little tikes. Really fun and what a great background.


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