Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's All In the Cards!

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's been a 'card' theme going on here at Club Scrap Creates for a few posts now - Kay made a beautiful shaker card and both Tricia and Lynn blogged about Operation Write Home and their card-making efforts to support that very worthy cause. So as not to be left out, I decided to write about cards today, too!

I love cards! In fact, I've been making cards for over 20 years. In comparison, i've only been scrapbooking for a little over 3 years, and even less for digital scrapbooking. I get my inspiration for cards from a lot of different places, but when I want to make cards quickly, with very little waste, I go to my 'other' cards - the Club Scrap Assembly Line Card Making Idea Decks - Volume 1 and Volume 2 (yes, you really do need both!)

Each deck has 52 ideas for making amazing cards, envelopes and more (yup, Volume 2 has some envelope & mini-project ideas, too!) with few or no scraps leftover (it's like magic!). When you're creative muse is on vacation, these Idea Decks can really help you out. (And for you scrapbookers out there, there are a couple of Assembly Line Scrapbooking Idea Decks, too!!)

The designs are all cool, but one of my favorites is the Jack of Spades from Volume 1 - just 3 sheets of 8½ X 11 paper produces 3 A2 sized cards. And because each sheet of paper is cut exactly the same way, you can easily use 4, 5, 6 or more sheets of paper and really mix it up!

So I grabbed  Navy, Kraft, and Ivory card stock, a few stamps, some fiber, a scrap or 2 from my stash, & a couple of doodads and got 3 nifty cards in a matter of minutes!

So next time you want to make a card and need a little inspiration, just reach for an Idea Deck, 'cuz it's all in the cards!

And now, a brief announcement - if you remember my post from last week on Food (and Drink) traditions, I promised to pick one of the comments as the winner of the Bon App├ętit Digi Kit.  I'm happy to announce that Hetty Sanders is our winner! Hetty, please watch your email, you'll be receiving a link to download your free Digi Kit! And thanks to all of you who posted!


  1. Everytime I think I don't need one of those embossing thingys someone posts something extra nice with embossing on it--love the cards, esp the middle one!

  2. I love those embossing "thingys", Janet! That's why I finally broke down and bought a Big Shot. I can emboss to my heart's content, as well as use diecuts.

    Great cards, Ron! I love ALL my Idea Decks from CS! I pinned ya! :)

  3. Congrats Hetty for winning the Digi Kit and Ron, totally agree with how much I use and LOVE my idea decks! I have Vol 1 of the Card and Scrapbooking decks! So fast and easy to create layouts and cards with little scrap leftovers.
    And absolutely love your cards!!

  4. Congrats to Hetty - I love my Idea Deck - I only have the 1st one, but someday I'll have the 2nd one too. These cards are great.

  5. I use my idea decks all the time. They are just so handy for when you need cards, but are stuck in a style rut or just want someone to tell you what to do! Once I get cranking with cutting the paper, the ideas start flowing and they all turn out different.

  6. Beautiful cards, Ron! Yes, those ALCM card decks are one sweet tool!

  7. I love the card and I too have all the decks.


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