Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2,013 Cards in 2013!

Last week we received our 2012 donation receipt from Operation Write Home. 

With your help, Club Scrap submitted exactly 1,012 cards in 2012. We thought, "Hey, that's a cool number!" But you know what would be even cooler? What if we could donate at least 2,013 cards in 2013?

How can you help?

  1. Sign up for a Club Scrap Pro Scrapbooker's League card making team: It's likely you'll end up with quite a few cards by the end of the 7 weeks...why not donate your A2-sized cards to Operation Write Home? (You can still register through Sunday, February 10!)
  2. Greetings to Go: When you receive the Greetings to Go side option in your monthly kit, or purchase them separately, they are designed so at least one style is an A2 card (five of the 15 cards). Make it a goal to set aside those five cards each month for OWH!
  3. Send your best A2 cards to Club Scrap: When you send your cards to Club Scrap, we'll help prepare them for bulk shipping to the appropriate Operation Write Home shipper.
Keep in mind there are specific guidelines for designing the cards. It is critical you follow these guidelines in order  to keep our heroes safe. You can check them out HERE

If you are wondering what "kind" of cards to make, here is a list of themes OWH is currently looking for:

  • Birthday
  • Love
  • Thank you
  • Missing you
  • Thinking of you
  • Blank (no sentiment)

If you want to make seasonal/holiday-specific cards, it's important to consult the calendar on the OWH website, as there is at least an eight week lead-time. Here are a few of the upcoming deadlines:

  • March 31 – Mother’s Day, Graduation, spring
  • April 30 – Father’s Day
  • May 31 – Independence Day

So, now that you have the scoop, Club Scrap is officially challenging YOU to help us submit at  least 2,013 cards in 2013. You can send your cards to Club Scrap any time; we send several shipments throughout the year. Or, if you prefer, organize your own card drive and ship to OWH directly (learn more details here). Either way, this is an awesome cause and a great excuse to get crafty!

Creatively yours, 


  1. Such a worthwhile cause. Congratulations to everyone who made the time to make some cards.


  2. This is on my list for PSL! I'm looking forward to contribute to this awesome goal!

  3. Count me in! Already starting the pile. Hope we can do another card drive for Retreat! The cards that were collected were amazing.

  4. What a wonderful challenge. I will accept that as I am on the Memory Cards team. Hoping to replenish my stock and add to your 2013 card goal for OWH!

    1. Woohoo Julie! I'm with you on this one! Go Team Memory Cards!

  5. This is also on my list for the cards I make during PSL. Been cleaning my scrap space the last 2 days in preparation for PSL. Can't wait to get started!!!!

  6. Will do! Still waiting to get my team assignments!
    Anne Schilling

    1. Hope you're on my team (the Memory Cards), Anne - you are a powerhouse cardmaker! :)

  7. I'm going to help reach that goal! Do we need to send envelopes along or just the cards? I think when I send in my birthday cards every month, I will put a few extra in for this project. Great idea!

    1. What a fantastic idea! Since I'm the hostess anyway, anyone who participates in the Club Scrap Birthday Card Swap is welcome to send a coupla spare cards for OWH with your swap cards. Genius! (Sorry..not sure who posted the idea above...but THANK YOU!)

    2. Ooh, missed your question about the envelopes...OWH is now REQUIRING envelopes be included, so it's best to send them if you have them.

  8. We're definitely gonna go for it! This is the coolest goal! And a great reason to work up our stash of paper and doodads. I know you'll keep us posted of how we're doing throughout the year.


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