Friday, April 18, 2014

New Collection: Dots, Stripes and Little Tykes

Please help us welcome our newest "addition", the special edition collection Dots, Stripes and Little Tykes. This collection features a fun color palette perfect for preserving photos of babies, small tots, Easter photos and so much more.


Cutaparts and Ribbon
This collection creates ten Assembly Line Scrapbooking (ALSB) pages. Want to see a few?

ALSB pages 9 & 10.

ALSB pages 1& 2 and 5 & 6.

ALSB pages 7& 8.

Tricia finished a few of the pages with photos and journaling. Aren't they great?

ALSB pages 1 & 2.

ALSB pages 3 & 4.

There's even a cool layering stencil!

Dots, Stripes and Little Tykes stencil with Hydrangea stamps.

Dots, Stripes and Little Tykes stencil with Hydrangea stamps.
I hope you enjoy this new collection. We'd love to see what you create!

Creatively yours, 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hydrangeas Stencil, Gelatos, and Go!

We're all having fun with the Hydrangeas Lite Stencil! Tricia's beautifully stenciled layout from yesterday is a tough act to follow, but this page has a different look.

Background design created with the Hydrangeas Lite Stencil

Hydrangeas Stencil and Gelatos

1. Spray Stencil with water (my stencil has been used a few times so it's a little stained).

2. Apply color from Faber-Castell Gelatos directly to the stencil.

3. Mist stencil with more water.

4. Press paper onto the stencil to transfer color.

5. Lift to reveal stencil image. Set aside to dry or use heat a tool to speed up the process.

6. Align the stencil over the image created with the gelatos. Fill in the image with an ink applicator and CS inks.

7. Conceal any imperfections by adding color splatters with Gelatos and a water brush. It's one of those "perfect imperfection" things that adds so much!


8. Add a single matted photo to the page and finish with a stamped sentiment and ribbon. (Hah. Tricia's project from yesterday required ten steps. I snuck through with only eight!)

For those of you lucky enough to be receiving the Lite collection, enjoy!
Thanks for crafting with me . . .
Kay at Club Scrap