Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blueprints Pages and Greetings to Go

My brother Todd is an electrician, and I visited his job site today. I can't wait to add the photos of his incredible work to the layouts below. He was showing me plans for the home he was working on, and I noticed the architect used the same font we did!

Let's take a look at a few of the highlights from the new Blueprints collection while you wait for your kit to arrive. Double click on any image to look at a larger version.

Layouts 1&2
I secured three metal filigree squares with gold mini brads onto three Blue mattes to add a bit of contrast to the page.
Tie a bow to the grosgrain and staple the twill. Fibers add a lot.
Layouts 3&4
Fold the die cut jumbo photo mounting corners and secure with adhesive.
Stamp the Blue corner with White Pigment ink and a UM stamp image.
The kit includes a set of hinges and brads. Attach one half of the hinge to a cutapart and the other half to the base page to store hidden journaling or photos.
Layouts 5&6
I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this quote. It's pre-printed on the White cutapart and is also featured on the UM Borders & Backgrounds. The sketch font is perfect for coloring in if you want to make the words pop.
Layouts 7&8
Create a custom border along the left edge of the page with the dynamite masking stencil and White Pigment ink.
The metal filigree squares are nice and flat, yet add so much.
Layouts 9&10
The green ribbon is a perfect match to the paper, and it's made of soft silk. You're going to love it.
Begin with a 12x12 White Plain for a page base and enhance it with the masking stencil and coordinating inks.
Layouts 11&12
Add two hinges to the left edge of this cutapart and open accordingly.
I used my new favorite UM stamp quote on a piece of White paper trimmed during the page assembly process.
Two staples + two folded ribbons = sweet.

Nest two strips of ribbon and staple each end twice. Instant embellishment!
Layouts 13&14
My favorite part about this layout is how I was able to nest two large and two small photo mattes onto the 12" Blue strip in the background with consistent spacing. It's such a lovely grouping.
Whether you choose to follow along with the Greetings to Go inspiration and basic instructions we provide, or go your own way, this side order of fifteen cards and envelopes is always an excellent value.

Group One: 3.5x5" Gold Cards with a double gate fold.
Each card base is scored four time to create the clever folds.
I'm very impressed with the detail that comes through on the compass stamped image featured on the UM Art Nouveau.
Group Two: 4.25x5.5" Cards
Trim a Green printed cutapart to create the squares on the background pane. The ribbon is a perfectly-matched blue satin.
The corners were embellshed with the elegant Dazzle stickers included in the pack. 
Group Three: 4.5x6.25 Brown Cards with Blue and Gold Panels.
Jacqueline threw in this idea on the printed cutapart as a joke thinking we'd ask her to change the silly quote. But we kept it. I trimmed the hammer with a craft knife, popped it with foam adhesive and finished it with glitter glue. Every hammer should have a little sparkle.
I'm sure you'll nail down a few great ideas of your own once your Blueprints kit hits your doorstep. Enjoy!



  1. I can't wait to get my hands on this kit and go through everything. These pages and cards look amazing. I love the little details.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the Get Hammered!!! Should have made it onto the stamps ;)

  3. I absolutely love the large photo mounting corners, they were used in a kit a few years back and I fell in love with them then, glad you brought them back. Not sure what I will be using this paper for yet but I'm sure it will come to me. These cards will be great for guys since I always seem to not create many of them.

  4. Such a fun kit, the sayings, the color, love it all! And don't get me started on that mask, wow!

  5. I love the colors, prints & quotes of this new kit. Hopefully 'll get it by Friday!

  6. Nice looking house - and super to see they are using Marvin Windows!!!!

    1. Yes, it sure is a beauty! Todd gave me the full tour of extraordinary craftsmanship in the making!

  7. Lots of fun stuff in this kit! Can't wait for it to arrive.

  8. Love - I hope it's here today or tomorrow!! I need to have it!


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