Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bon Appetit! A masking technique for cards

I'm Deb Charlesworth, and I'm very excited to be the guest blogger at Club Scrap this week.  (On the Club Scrap Community, I'm known as "deb".)  I also have a personal blog about paper crafts at Lift Bridge Cards and Crafts.  If you like this tutorial, check out my blog for more inspiration with this month's kit.

I joined Club Scrap in August 2004 - just after I got married - and have enjoyed the anticipation of receiving a new box of goodies every month since then!

This month, Club Scrap invited me to create cards from the Bon Appetit Greetings to Go kit, so I thought I would show you how I made this card:

When I saw how the panels on the card overlapped, I thought it would be cool to have a stripe from the front carry over to the other side.  To start, I used removable adhesive to adhere the white panels to my grid paper.  I then used my Club Scrap grid ruler (the 8 x 8 size here) to find the center point of the panel and align the piece of masking tape in the middle (the tape and the panel are white).

After placing the first piece of tape, I lined up the 1 1/8" mark of the ruler with the bottom of the tape to align the next piece of tape.  This piece of tape goes across both panels to create the stripe that will run across both panels.

Continue applying tape so that there are 1 1/8" gaps between each line.  Here's how it looks when it's finished.

On the front panel, I want the upper part to be white, so I covered that with a piece of scratch paper just so I didn't accidentally stamp on it before I was ready.

I used Versa Mark ink to stamp the row of chandeliers from the Bon Appetit Art Nouveau Unmounted Rubber - they fit so nicely in this space!

After the image was stamped, I rubbed pan pastels over the stripe.  I am in love with these pastels - they are so smooth and blend like paint.  If you don't have them, you can use regular pastels, too.

Continue until all of the stripes are stamped and have pastel coloring the open areas.

To add a bit of depth, I rubbed a bit of the blue on the outer edges - it blends into a gorgeous purple when you're done.

I removed the scratch paper, and stamped a sentiment from the Bon Appetit Greetings Unmounted Stamps.

Remove the tape, and admire your hard work!  I sprayed my panels with a fixative to ensure the pastel won't smear in transit.

When the card is open, the recipient will be surprised by the burst of color.

If that seems like too much work for you, this technique can also be used more simply.  Here, I masked off a single stripe.

Then, I used a combination of pastels to create color.

I stamped the image with the Palette Ink Glue Pad, and rubbed Lotus Pond's Gilded Lily Glitter over the stripe.

After the glue dried, I added a sentiment, ribbon, and a few brads for a great card!

I hope you enjoy the Bon Appetit collection as much as I do!  I'm excited to see what everyone else uses their stamps for - this kit really does go beyond the kitchen.  All stamps, paper, and embellishments are from the Bon Appetit collection.


  1. WOW, Deb love the tutorials on these fantastic cards. The colors really do pop! Great job!

  2. Love these! Gotta try your techniques. Where does one acquire pan pastels? They look cool.

    1. I bought my pan pastels from Amazon, but I'm sure there are other sites out there. They're a bit spendy, but they are artist quality supplies. If you can afford it, I recommend starting with a set of 20 in the painting colors - this gives you 20 unique colors, along with white and black and gray to lighten and darken colors. If you decide to expand your collection (I haven't yet), the other sets are lighter and darker than this set, and you'll end up with very few duplicates. Any of the other sets (like landscape or portrait), will pretty much guarantee you'll get duplicates if you buy any of the other sets.

      A set will also give you a nice selection of basic tools to start with, and the tools really are nice.

  3. Deb,
    Thanks for the details, all your GTG cards were so inspiring, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the neat techniques to try. I need to get busy and try these.

  5. Great post, Deb! So many different techniques to try. I need to get out that glitter!

  6. Great technique post!! (Carmen j.)


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