Friday, May 3, 2013

Embellishment Pack Craziness!

Happy Friday, Bloggers!
Did you happen to notice the 75% off Embellishment Pack Sale?  Select embellishment packs are priced under five bucks, so I can't help but blog about it today while the sale is on! It's a crazy great deal for the diecuts, cutaparts, photo mattes, ribbons & fibers, and doodads that are all commonly included in just one pack!

One of my favorite cutaparts in the Full Circle Embellishment Pack is included in this sale (the one with all the cute quotes, words and sayings that can be cut apart into half inch strips).

Full Circle Embellishment Pack
I had so much fun with this cutapart, I made a frame with it on this 8.5x11 scrapbook page . . .

. . . and used it for embellishing here.

I also enjoyed using the Navajo Embellishment Pack with its diecut frames and tags.
Navajo Embellishment Pack
It came in so handy for this layout of Marilee's class trip to The Capital.

I used the diecut frames around a photo as well as around the page.
The printed diecut tag helped me get the journaling completed (not one of my strengths). 

Oh, and the Peacock Embellishment Pack is also on sale! I used the purple and white cutaparts on this scrapbook page, and it was done in the time it would take for a peacock to fan its plumage.

I have to sum it up by saying . . . 
I think the Club Scrap Embellishment Packs are . . .
And the unbelievable sale price on them makes me very, very . . . 
Get it? ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderfully creative weekend!


  1. Kay, I love all your embellishment pack artwork! It is my side order of choice. Gotta love all the little bits of wonderful fibers, cut aparts and other goodies!!

  2. Love all of your layouts! Now I guess I better go have a look at the sale!

  3. Ya, pretty difficult to resist when some of these embellishment packs are only $4.82 online! I could go on and on...

  4. Beautifully embellished pages! What a treasure Marilee will have of her childhood!


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