Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creating a Digital Layout in Three Easy Steps

Each CS Digital Kit comes with six Quick Drop Digital Layouts (QDDLs). These template make it easy to create layouts by just adding photos. But sometimes you just want to make something that's more "your own."

The digital clusters that are part of each kit can help you accomplish that. Clusters are pre-assembled groupings of various parts and pieces of the digital kit, even including the appropriate shadows. This helps add detail to your layout without having to do a lot of work. In fact, you can make your own digital layout in just three steps.

Using this month’s Oopsie Daisy Digital Kit, let me show you how!

1. Open one of the digital backgrounds.

2. Add a cluster.

. . . or two!

3. Add a photo, cropping if necessary.

Done! Wasn't that simple?

The next time you want to make a quick and easy digital layout, check out the clusters in the kit. They can make light work of building a layout of your own . . . as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.



  1. Very nice! That background is excellent!

  2. Quick and easy, this is just what I need right now Ron. :) How did you know? LOL, I just love the elements in the digital kits and your sunset photo is stunning in this easy to make layout. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring us with your creations.


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