Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a Dog's Life at Club Scrap

Almost every member of the Club Scrap staff has a beloved pet. Today, our buddy Driver is here at the Clubhouse for a visit. (Our Production Manager, Deb, is dog-sitting while Driver's Mom, Kristin, is away.)

As you probably guessed, we live in a pretty fast-paced environment at Club Scrap. There's always something to keep us busy. Today Deb enlisted Driver's help with her "to do" list. We thought you might enjoy these photos of Driver at work:

Here's Driver helping Deb with her emails.'s hard to type when you don't have opposable thumbs!
We need a tape gun, Driver...FETCH!
Let's go, Driver...there's LOTS to do!


  1. wow... I'm checking my email from New Ulm here and what do I see? My dog's gone viral! oh boy, good luck Deb, have a fun weekend...

  2. Kristin, Driver seemed to really keep Deb on track with her duties for the day, he also seemed to have some great ideas for future projects...

  3. So glad that Driver gets to go to the Clubhouse and have fun while Kristin is away! Deb, have you taught him how to pack pizza boxes yet? :)

  4. Driver is darling. How sweet he could come and help out.

  5. These pictures are really cute! Looks like Driver is enjoying the
    clubhouse :) Love the new Blog!!

  6. A dog that can be bribed with water?? I want him!! Nice to see all manner of legged creatures get some Club Scrap time!


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