Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet the Flockers

Remember this nifty stuff?

It's black flocking powder. We featured it as a goodie in the Arts & Crafts Club Scrap kit. We've got a few jars available if you think it might be fun! 

It's easy to use and not quite as messy as glitter.

1. Stamp an image or choose an image that is printed on the paper/artwork.
2. Outline the image with a Quickie Glue pen or other liquid glue.
3. Sprinkle the black flocking onto the glued area. Rub away excess with your fingers and return it to the jar.

5. Brush away any stubborn pieces of flocking with a foam or bristle brush.
Next thing you know, you've got a really nifty, textured art piece for a card, ATC card or scrapbook page!

Kay Williamson made this gorgeous card with the flocking. The entire card was stamped. I know--quite brilliant.

Here's another simple card made with the same stamped image.
We hope you take the time to meet the flockers someday!


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  2. Very cool stuff. Love how it makes the image pop!

  3. Beautiful! Have to go check my stash and try this.

  4. Glitter is messy??? Who knew???!!! Bahahaha! But this looks fun too!

  5. Cool stuff, with good results right away and fun to work with I felt.


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