Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For the Love of Leaves

The fall equinox is on Saturday. And if you're from 'round these Midwestern parts, that means fresh apple cider, fresh cheese curds (they go with any season), crisp mornings, droppin' leaves and fall colors.

In honor of fall, I wanted to remind you of this nifty Jumpin' Leaves card. You may have missed it last year, and that would be a bad thing. Grab your Comfort Zone Unmounted Stamps and a few other simple tools. (Scoring tool or bone folder, CS® Grid Ruler, Comfort Zone paper, craft knife, CS® Earth ink and cutting mat.)

Here are the steps in written form:

1. Score a 4-1/4x11" sheet horizontally every 1-3/8". Cut the scored sheet vertically at 2-1/8". Stamp the unmounted leaf image onto each scored section with CS® Earth ink.

2. Place a grid ruler 1" from the bottom edge of a stamped strip and cut a slit between each stamped leaf. Repeat for the second strip.

3. Cut out the tip of each leaf with a craft knife, starting at the horizontal cut line. Stamp the leaf image on the back of each trimmed leaf. Use a craft knife to cut a 1/2" slit from the bottom edge of the first, third and fifth score lines of one strip. Cut a 1/2" slit from the top of the first third and fifth score lines of the second strip.

4. Interlock the corresponding slits to weave the two paper strips together. Pull apart the pairs of leaves on the score lines to create the pop-up. Adhere to each side of a folded card.

You and I both know that a video is worth a billion words. And it's SO much easier for me to show you than it is to explain! I know, right?

I'll bet you're just jumpin' outta your seat right now and on your way to go make this. Now, don't forget the cheese curds.



  1. Just used a Comfort Zone card yesterday, how I love that kit but somehow missed this...thanks!

  2. I really loved this card when you first show it to us and have yet to make one.
    Comfort Zone is one of my favorite stamp sets!

  3. Great video, really helped me understand how to do this wonderful card, thanks so much!

  4. So cool...now I gotta go dig those stamps out!

  5. I really like this technique and would like to try it with other stamped images. Is there something special about the math that was worked out for this image, or can I use the same measurements with different images.

    1. You can certainly use the same measurements with different images--or, adjust the measurements to accomodate the image you'd like to use. The most important thing is that they are equally spaced.

  6. We don't have cheese curds now here in AL. :-( somebody ship me some, please!

  7. What a great Happy Fall Ya'll card this will make. Thank you for sharing this. I can't wait to get started. I have those stamps and now I will finally use them.


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