Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Bookshelves Digital Spoiler and and Important Digital Membership Update

Happy Thursday! Ron here!

Since Kay's been doing some major spoilers lately, I figured it was my turn. And since tomorrow is March 1st, all the folks working at CS today are gonna be really busy stuffing kits and such. I'm thinking no one will even notice if I post a layout I made with March's gorgeous Bookshelves digi kit!

After creating a few of the QDDLs (quick drop digital layouts) and matching templates for this kit, I grabbed a QDDL, added a photo, two bits of text and, tah-dah! A finished layout in about five minutes!

Pretty fabulous, huh?

I don't think I'll get away with sharing any more, but trust me when I say that the rest of this kit is just as cool. You might want to head over to the Club Scrap Digital store tomorrow and get this amazing collection! (And please pray that Tricia is too busy to see my post today!)

Speaking of our new digital store, we're making some changes to how our digital memberships are structured. After a lengthy team pow-wow, we came up with a format that is more comparable to what is offered in other "digital realms." This will make it easier for newcomers to understand what we're offering . . . and that's a good thing!

It is now possible for you to subscribe to three component options individually so that you only download what you actually use. Do you simply drop photos into the QDDL's (Quick Drop Digital Layouts, like my spoiler)? Now you can opt to just get the QDDLs! Same for the traditional digital collection and the templates.

Our new monthly membership pricing structure will be as follows:
Digital Kit: $5.50
Quick Drop Digital Layouts: $6.00
Templates: $6.00
Bundle (includes all three components at a 40% savings): $9.95

Yes, this means that there are four different digital membership options. I don't know about you, but I'm hearing that old Burger King jingle in my head, "have it your way, have it your way..."

While you're waiting for the beauty that is Bookshelves to arrive, go create something wonderful!


  1. First of all Ron, thanks for the spoiler... one word GORGEOUS!
    Second, Tricia and the gang love you and won't mind that you posted it ;)
    Third, your layout is spectacular! Love the way you captured Venice so beautifully!

  2. Thanks for the spoiler - fantastic!

  3. Beautiful kit, gorgeous QDDL, I can't WAIT for tomorrow!

  4. gorgeous layout. And I love your sense of humor!

  5. Ron, ron, ron, ron. ron. What am I going to do with you?

  6. Awesome and what wonderful rich colors/. Thank you Ron.


  7. Ron, I was just going to say that Tricia is too busy to see the post so you're in the clear, but obviously I'm wrong heheee. Love the up coming kit, this is gorgeous Ron!

    1. Thanks, Kay! Maybe I can bribe her with bacon & cheese!

  8. Gorgeous layout Ron! Thank you for the sneaky peek too.


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