Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You may have already seen the article on page 3 of the February Scrap Rap regarding the fact that this is our last month of having a "bead" edition. However, it doesn't mean we don't still love them! You'll see the little lovlies pop up here 'n there when we find an opportunity!

Let's revisit a few of the collections we've included in your kits in the past. And while you're at it, pick up some of the remaining sets that are part of our bead blowout sale starting today.

Let's go waaaaay back to a show produced by TV Weekly in Burbank, CA, with my dear pals Cherryl Greene and Mickey Corcoran called Plum and Verdigris. The focus was on jewelry-making, and I'm not sure how many of you saw me do the how-to on this ladder bracelet. We don't have the kits in the store, but once you get the idea of how this simple bracelet works, you can make one for yourself out of any of the beads we've sent to you along the way.

(link to video)

The Story of the Beads
Each month, Kay would camp out with our various bead source catalogs/sites and the paper swatches for the collection where she'd select her favorite coordinates. She would then calculate the number of beads per strand, how many beads per portion, etc., then relay the information to Brenda for purchasing who would then provide the specifications to Deb for production. All of the containers would then be opened in neat, tidy rows on the table, and Deb would fill them up for shipping day. Once Kay and I were given a sample, we'd get to work making some sort of project with the beads. (One of our favorite tasks of the month!)

Here are a few examples from past the past two years:

Wow--that's a lotta beads along with some great projects! Stock up now while you can, and get your bead on!



  1. Very cool Tricia - now I absolutely have to get ALL the bead cups out and play with them. Thank you so much.


  2. And everyone one is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the behind the scenes of how the bead cups were assembled every month, what a labor of love!

  3. Already hit the sale - nice to see all the pretty projects!!

  4. Stocked up at the sale! I LOVE the bead cups and will miss them!

  5. Oh good I was going through and trying to ID beads and stuff yesterday what is the one with the Bloomingdales ad in the back?

  6. Ah, I love looking back on all these bead memories(insert happy sigh here), Janet that bead collection with the large text focal bead surrounded by stone/wood/coral bead chips is from Sorrento July 2012, a fun one too.

  7. Kay, what a beautiful projects and seeing them all together, you have made quite a lot and such an inspiration for us all. Tricia, how fun to see you in a tv weekly episode, a program missed by a lot o people. I did not try that project then, but I might try it now!

  8. Love seeing a recap on the bead cup. The one side that I always got. I'm going to miss it!


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