Monday, March 11, 2013

Double Equestrian

This post was written by Pat Huntoon, guest blogging for Club Scrap.

If you are anything like me, you open your kit each month with a high level of anticipation. My eyes dilate, my breathing accelerates, and basically, I jump up and down like a little kid. Every month my excitement is rewarded with a kit that delights my senses -- the look, the feel, even the smell of the kit -- I love it all.  This may sound strange to someone who is not a member, but I am sure that many of CS members -- those of us who are addicted -- have the same experience! 

Every so often, a kit arrives that transcends even the highest of expectations. The Equestrian Kit, in my opinion, is one of those kits. From the feel and shimmer of the paper to the beauty of the embellishments, this kit is just exceptional.

I decided to celebrate this kit in a big way. The Double Shutter Card, above, does just that. And although this is a card that folds snugly and can be mailed, I've decided that it will look best on a shelf in the Technique Junkie Newsletter trade show booth (the tutorial for the Card is on an upcoming CD from the Newsletter). That way, the paper, stamps and embellishments can be felt, viewed and shared with throngs of fellow crafters.  I can't wait to display it proudly!

Thank you, Club Scrap, for continuing to delight my senses. And the good news is that there are only a few more days before Club Stamp arrives! 
Pat Huntoon


  1. Pat: Your card is beautiful! Agree about all the things you said about CS kits and papers and I KNEW I wasn't the only one that smells the papers!! I look forward to your newsletter each month, as well. You and CS have given me enough crafting ideas and supplies to last my lifetime!! Marie

  2. Pat this is truly a beautiful card!
    I agree as a member of CS, there is nothing like that Pizza Box arriving at your door and the unveiling! Love every minute of it!

  3. Just beautiful - thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Pat, what a beautiful card! I was so excited to see you as guest blogger because I'm signed up to take your Dynamic Dimensions class next month in Ocean City MD! Nice to know you're also addicted to that pizza box :)

  5. Super card, Pat. This double shutter card is just right for this kit!

  6. Yeee haaaw, Pat! That is stunning! Thanks for being our guest! We love what you do over at Technique Junkies! Keep up the inspiration for us all . . .


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