Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scrappin' the Scrapbooking Scraps

Hey, Bloggers!

There are tons of tips out there for what can be done with your paper scraps. Tips on how to organize them, where to store them, how to use them, etc.

But I have this little problem:

These are all the scraps I have left after creating fourteen 12x12 pages with the CS Bookshelves collection.

The big idea here is that there is a way to scrapbook without scraps. It's what we do. And it's pretty unique if you've never experienced it before. We call it "Assembly Line Scrapbooking."

Just in case this is new to you, here is a sample of our instructions:

They include the following helpers:
1. Color image of the completed pages, including final photo measurements.
2. Thorough list of ingredients used to complete the page.
3. Step by step cutting instructions using the most efficient and logical cutting method.
4. Matching paper cutting diagram for the visual learner. If the trimmed pieces are not used on the existing page, the diagram indicates where the pieces will be used. In the rare case that a paper is not used, that is indicated by an "x".

I've been told by countless crafters that they made the move from creative paralyzation to prolific scrapbooking with the help of these little instructions.

I just wrapped up the instructions for the upcoming Spring Chorus collection. Oooooh-lah-lah!

Are you curious? Join us if you're ready to scrap the scrappin' scraps!

Efficiently yours,


  1. Yes Ma'am! ALSB ROCKS! I have created over 3000 paper layouts since I joined Club Scrap in January 2008 and the entire reason for joining was for these instructions. It takes the guess work out of layout creation and saves me countless hours of staring blanking at a pile of papers. :) Thanks CLUB SCRAP!

  2. I love the ALSB formulas. Before ALSB, I often found myself in what my golf pro calls "analysis paralysis" - I get so worked up thinking about what I am supposed to do that I can't get anything done. ALSB solves that problem. But I have to say that I even use those tiny scraps if they are 1/2 in wide. I can punch flowers with them, add stickers or stamp letters on them to create a title or journaling, or even use them as a border strip on a card. ZERO waste.

  3. I also alsb most of the time when paper scrapping and translate a lot of the layouts into digi format. The lack of wastage is so important and I really appreciate everything you do for us in this respect.


  4. ALSB is my favorite! Scrappers Block is no longer a problem, and I don't waste my precious CS paper.

  5. I joined Club Scrap for the gorgeous papers and fabulous rubber stamps—since I'm a stamper, not a scrapper. BUT with ALSB I've become a scrapper too! Whether you follow the directions precisely or get brave and turn the page a quarter turn for a totally different look IT'S ALL GOOD! Thanks CS for years of great inspiration and top quality products!

  6. Before using ALSB, I made a lot of bad layouts but at least the photos were on the page! But now I get compliments on my work from my friends and family and other scrappers due to the power of the ALSB. I always start with an ALSB from C.S. but I don't always follow it religiously as my photos dictate the design. I love having options and don't have to spend my time moving elements around aimlessly on the base paper until something looks right. I am absolutely amazed when I take an already ALSBed page and start laying on photos and text and embellishments and all of a sudden I have a work of art.

    I will be making 6" x 6" small books of layouts for gifts for the people in them. Thanks, Tricia Can't wait to see Spring Chorus!

  7. Yep! Tricia is brilliant at all the cutting formulas and instructions, brilliant I tell you!!

  8. I joined Club Scrap back in 2000, and I remember when ALSB was born. Being a photographer I dug in my heels and proclaimed, "No way! The photos HAVE to come first!" I stuck by that for years while kit after kit accumulated in my scraproom. This year I decided maybe I'd give it a try and see how it went. Oh my gosh! It's brilliant! It's incredible! It's totally amazing! I absolutely love it! And I learned a big lesson-don't be so stubborn :)

  9. Tricia,

    It still amazes me how u work out all the alsbing formulas! And u do it month after month w Special Editions accenting production yearly. I love using them. Thank u for all the great buys Club Scrap offers.

  10. ALSB is great. I do love when. We get the ones for cards as well. The idea decks are great for nohaving extras too. With that said what was that about spring chorus.....sounds interesting

  11. ALSB is the most amazing starting point in scrapbooking. It is so easy to follow the directions, and then let your imagination or added style options dictate the final work of art. I was introduced to Assembly Line Scrapbooking by a friend and at the time thought "no way" - now I look for those cutting directions


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