Friday, March 8, 2013

Ogling the Club Scrap Outlet

I'm a little excited about the Club Scrap Outlet and those awesome prices, so I had to whip up a few cards using a couple of my favorite items.

I still have a big love affair with the Interior Designs Entrance Stamp & the Extra! Extra! Transparency. OH MY, this stamp is only $3.71 and the transparency is .66? Holy great deal, Batman!

I used the plain side of the Asian Artisan Ivory Print and Blue print for the cards I made today. At only .35 cents a sheet, I need to use more of this pretty frost paper, whether it's the printed or the plain side. Don't you just love that Club Scrap paper comes with two working sides?

Since I just made these cards up today, thought I would snap a few pics along the way. Guess I can just let the pictures do the talkin'.

I could still add a birthday greeting on the card front, but maybe I'll just do that on the inside. Here is a closer look at the blue card I made.

Check out this card using the Interior Designs collection and that fabulous door stamp.

Why not take a little time to ogle the Club Scrap Outlet? I can't be hoarding all the deals myself!

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  1. You could also use this older door with the adorable Random Doorways UMs--ie Shut the Front Door ;)

  2. Such a wonderful use of this stamp Kay! Love the darling little door!

  3. Wow, I somehow missed seeing this stamp in the outlet and I MUST have it!! Thanks for the inspiration !


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