Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From Card Sketch to Formula!

You wanna know the best thing about my job? The people and the talent that surrounds me every day!

There are quite a few blogs I follow pretty regularly, and one of them is that of Julie Heyer over at She shares that rare gene that Tricia has that gives the gift of "formula-making"...card-making formulas, that is. (Sadly, I do not possess this mantra is "Math is hard.")

So a quick visit to Cape Cod Scrapper this morning and what do I find? Fresh inspiration, that's what! Not only did Julie take a card sketch from Jen's monthly Card Sketch Challenge and create a new cutting formula for it, but she also created her own printed paper!

See it up there? On the far right? Gorgeous!!! A little inking, a little stamping, and voila!

So, from a sketch, to a formula, to these beautiful greeting cards...

She makes it look so easy, doesn't she? Well, guess what? Now that the hard math is done, it IS easy, just follow the instructions.

For a complete list of stamps, inks and papers used, as well as a download of Julie's card-making formula, just check out her blog post HERE.

Wishing you a creative day,


  1. Thanks Karen!! I am blushing my friend :)

  2. Karen I have to agree. Math is hard. Formulas are easy. That's one of the reason I love Club scrap. The formulas make me look very creative. But I am going to give Julie's formula a try and make some card with the fabulous paper Kay sent me. Love the blog.

    1. Glad you are putting that paper to such good use right away Norma!

  3. I really love these formulas - and this is another winner.
    Thanks, Julie and Karen!!

  4. oh Julie, I love this! Thank you both. :)

  5. She's a keeper! I'm gonna try this myself very very soon....

  6. Fabulous!



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