Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Dandy Scrapbooking!

I totally adored the original Just Dandy collection, but this newly-released re-mix reminded me of how totally neutral it is! It has such yummy colors and textures.

Remember, when completing your pre-assembled pages, the 8x8 Grid Ruler comes in really handy.
1. Place the ruler over a photo matte and measure the size. (For example, 3-1/4x4-1/2".)
2. Subtract 1/4" from each measurement. (3x4-1/4")
3. Hover the ruler over the photo that you plan to use to ensure that the image will crop nicely down to the final size.
4. Trim the photo and adhere.

If you're still a little foggy on how this works, review this video:

Using this method resulted in a set of ten pages completed in less than two hours.

And Check out how the completed pages fell into place, accommodating subject material including a cruise, a marathon, outdoor family gatherings, and more. It scraps like a dream! I was also able to include miscellaneous alphabet stickers, thickers and embellishments from past kits in my stash! Use it . . . don't hoard it! :)

Grab your JD collection today for just $22.50 (member pricing).
Happy scrappin'!


  1. Mine should arrive later this week. I must admit, when the original JD came out I was not a fan but I ALSBd it and have added photos and they are some of my favorites!! Really do work for just about anything and I am sure this remix will be just as awesome!!

  2. Tricia, I just love how the blue sky in your photos pops off these gorgeous pages!
    And thanks for the reminder about using the 8x8 clear square ruler for photo cropping. Love that tip!

  3. Beautiful layouts and love the 8 x 8 ruler tip too.


  4. Ok, so now I need this, too. Can you put some crafting time in GHM??? That's the only thing I don't have enough of!

    1. Patti, I will have to look into that. I'd like to buy some, too! I'm certain it would be a very popular item!

  5. Wow!
    I like it.

    With love, Joke sk

  6. How did I miss these lovely layouts
    Love the 8X8 grid ruler.


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