Wednesday, June 5, 2013

POP's are the best!

Club Scrap POPs are literally a Pound of Paper. After gathering with some crafty friends last weekend, I shared their enthusiasm for my POP's with Karen. She suggested I share with you, too!

I have quite a few POP's. I had been keeping them all together, in a bin, in a box. Occasionally, I'd grab a few to use around PSL time when it dawned on me: Why not bring them along for my friends to use when we are die cutting and making cards together?!

In the past, I've brought along full-size sheets of Club Scrap papers and my friends hated the idea of cutting the GOOD paper. We're familiar with that story, aren't we? Of course, with die cutting there's always some waste (GASP!), not to mention the time it takes to measure and cut paper to size.

 POP's to the rescue!

The paper comes in all different sizes, and there are usually multiples of each, so even if you use one, there's still more. Look how perfectly just about any piece fits the die, no measuring or cutting required!

Friends can join in the fun, too!

I love folding the paper, or stacking several panels together, to cut multiple images at once. It saves time AND effort!

A lot of great cards can be made very quickly. Here is a flower card:

Here are photos of a few more cards I made. I used Artifacts POPs with these two:

The cards below were made with POPs from Ornamental (left) and Navajo (right). You can see how perfect  the smaller POP pieces are for use with embossing folders, too!

We all had fun die cutting and card making, and they just loved the smaller papers! In fact, at the end of the day, they joked that they used so much that they needed to order me another pound of paper! It's no surprise I've been asked to bring my POP's to our next get-together.

I hope I've given you some ideas. Now it's your turn to shed some "pounds" while die cutting, crafting and hanging out with your friends!


***** Editor's Note*****
POPs are now sold as "HPOPs", or half-pounds of paper, 


  1. Great post Cathy and POPS are really terrific.

  2. Excellent use of the POPS! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Awesome, Cathy! I'm glad your friends can use the POP's and feel better about not cutting into the "good stuff"! Fabulous cards.

  4. What would life be without POPs?! Cathy, I love your use of it and what great cards you share with us.

  5. Great ideas - I use my PoPs as mats and for ATCs and sometimes for die cutting - great ideas Cathy!

  6. What beautiful cards and thanks for the ideas.

  7. Oh my I LOVE that flower card, it reminds me of next month's theme of Wisteria!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your ideas Cathy... I have just recently started using the many POPs that I have... Mostly to make quick thank you cards...

  9. Oh Cathy, I wish we lived closer so I could join your group. It looks like so much fun. I agree, POPS ROCK! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful cards you made at your get together.

  10. Great post, Cathy!!
    I've been using POPs for years for photo mats and die cutting accents so that I could squeeze an extra page or more out of my senior kit. I have an enormous stash of POPs. I think I'll follow your lead and make some cards with them!


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