Friday, July 5, 2013

Stamping In The Garden

Hope you had a great holiday yesterday!

I spent the day just how I like to when I have the time - in the garden and with rubber stamps! It's a great way for me to spend a vacation day! The Big & Tall Unmounted Letters are 40% off until Monday, and I just happen to have this old crate that another family member was going to throw away, so I had to see how the Big & Tall Letters would look stamped on my old crate.

I loaded up a foam brush with black acrylic paint, dabbed the paint on the letters, and started stamping on the wood.

Thinking this would be a great gift with flowers or herbs planted inside! I could have stamped a last name, a favorite inspiring word, a street address, the kind of flower or herb that is planted in the crate, all kinds of fun options when you have every letter of the alphabet at your disposal!

Now that I have flowers planted inside the crate, do I keep it for myself or give as gift? Hmmmm.

Remember, rubber stamps aren't just for paper!

Keep the Big&Tall Letter Stamps in mind for projects like this! So awesome they are 40% of until Monday!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Way to think "outside the box", Kay! Gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful, Kay! Love those stamps. :)

  3. KAY!! Love this so much!
    I would keep it for myself. ;)

  4. Gorgeous! Love how you think.

  5. Lovely crate in the garden, Kay. Happy Summer.

  6. WOW!
    I say gift it, I'll send my address over. :)

    What a wonderful idea to perk up a corner of
    a porch or deck, I definately will be showing my
    crafty daughter this one, I might even lend her
    my Bid & Tall Stamps

  7. I would never have thought of that! hmmmm now I must have something around here I can stamp with those Big and Tall letters. lol thank you Kay!

  8. Kay I would be reluctant to give this up. It's just wonderful. Anyone would be thrilled beyond belief to receive this.

  9. I love those stamps. How would that paint hold up to weather though? I guess we will find out? ;)

    1. I was wondering that same thing Janet, I was going to spray it with a sealer, which would help, but then thought it would look alright if the lettering got a bit more distressed/weathered looking anyway, and if it comes off in a couple years something else could be stamped on it.

  10. I love those stamps and your project, of course. I ordered the stamps and when they came joy washed over me...really. They are so tall and beautiful.


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