Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stamp-free Wisteria Card

I came upon a cool idea on Pinterest for a card that featured free-hand cut openings showing patterned papers beneath. I thought it would be fun to give it a try with the Wisteria papers (and the Tribal papers releasing on Thursday!)

Here's how the Wisteria version turned out . . .

Supplies used:
Wisteria Printed and Plain Papers
White Gel Pen
Craft Knife and Cutting Mat

See? No stamps!

1. Free-hand cut random shapes from a 4.75x6.75" Dark Purple Panel.
2. With the back side of the cut panel facing up, layer it onto the plain side of a print and trace assorted shapes onto the print with a pencil.
3. Trim out the shapes with a scissors, being sure to cut the shape slightly larger than the outline.
4. Tape the corresponding shape behind the opening in the panel.
5. Use a white gel pen to add stitch marks around the perimeter of each cut shape.
6. Add a decorative text panel. (I used an Ivory cutapart.)
7. Nest the whole works onto a folded 5x7" card.

Back side of the card panel with the shapes taped into place.
This card was tons of fun to make! And quick, too. What do 'ya say? Give it a try!


  1. Great idea and card Tricia.
    Pinterest sure has a ton of inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. WOW, I love this Tricia! Would have never thought to use these papers for this style but I LOVE IT!

  3. Great idea, Tricia! I know this as a textile craft called 'mola technique" never thought on doing it with paper! Your card looks beautiful!!

  4. Very cool idea! Thank you Tricia.

  5. Lovely and, yes, even I could do that. I have seen that with fabric, Hetty, just didn't know what it was called. Now to get one of those gel pens.

    Beth M.

  6. LOVE your idea for this VERY creative card! thanks!!

  7. Hey wait - I wanted to see the tribal version - such a tease!! It is really pretty maybe I will give it a try :)


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