Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Graffiti Lite Makes a Splash

It's the 15th of the month, and you know what that means. Graffiti Lite Shipping Day!

I had tons of fun completing the pages with this collection. Let's take a look, shall we?

Because of the colorful, active background, I stuck with one color of photo mattes and accented with black. I like how it all balanced out. I used the Souffle pen to add some faux stitching to the page.

Above is the Souffle pen detail from page one and page eight. Test the pen . . . the ink goes on clear and turns white after it dries.

I chose to complete most of my Graffiti pages with photos from the Green Bay Half Marathon. Everyone cooperated by wearing solid, bright colors to the hottest race day ever. (The Fire & Ice "Hot! Hot! Hot!" stamp was the perfect addition to this page!)

This is where the colors of the photo mattes come together so beautifully. I adore that colored paper so much, it hurts me just a little to cover it up with pictures.

But alas, isn't this a fun page?

Next, I took the 12x12 Smooth Black Print and decided to try my hand at a bit of altering. You can see the how-to on that below.

I was able to sneak in an extra photo and placed it on the left anchoring strip, covering the word "art," which wasn't necessary on this layout. The black and white grosgrain striped ribbon is a fun addition to this collection.

On this one, there is a 2.75" strip of black attached to the right edge of the left page, and the 4.25x6.25 Blue Photo Matte is also trimmed into two pieces that split between the gutter of the page. Pretty tricky, I know!

After exhausting all of my GB Half photos, I was able to incorporate these fun pictures from my friend Cory's graduation ceremony. The pages are like photo eaters. Anything with bright colors works!

To alter the 12x12 Black Smooth Print, you'll need our Neon Dabbers, colored mist, a paint brush and white acrylic paint or gesso.

1. The paper begins as a blank "canvas." Make a few random dabs with the Neon Pink Dabber.

2. Keep going.

3. And going.

4. Squirt some white acrylic paint or gesso onto a palette (a.k.a paper scrap) and pick up the paint with a dry brush.

5. Swipe that puppy onto the paper. Don't be nervous. Make broad strokes, and allow the brush to extend beyond the edge of the paper for a more natural look.

6. Do that a few more times.

7. If you'd like, drop the print into an empty pizza box and spray with colored mist. It adds a nice splattered look to the mix and softens the white paint and dabs just a bit.

That's all there is to it!

More Graffiti Lite fun to come in the next few days. Enjoy!


  1. Love this kit!! great tutorial, fun to play like that!!

  2. TRICIA!! I love that you have added photos to all your ALSB'd pages to show folks how fun and versatile this kit is! Love all of them and thanks for the great tute on how to colorize the print, SUCH POP!

  3. Seriously love this Tricia! I'm really excited about the customizable background page - I have my neon dabbers, white paint, and mists all ready to go! Can't wait to get this ALSB'd and put some fun pictures on it.

  4. What a fun technique,Tricia! I am going to try this!!
    And on these pages all pictures look great!

  5. Doggone it, stop using those dabbers or I'm going to have to buy them ;) JK.

    1. Yes, Janet, you are! Just go and buy them now! :D

  6. I really love how the daubers look on these pages and trims. Great colorful photos too!

  7. Really like how you worked on the 12 x 12 black Smooth print - the colors are awesome!

  8. Can't possibly have more fun than with this ALSB!!!

  9. Everything you do looks like so much fun!

  10. Thanks for putting your photos on these pages, I love seeing them 'completely' finished too!


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