Friday, August 24, 2012

My Crazy Digital Journey

I fought it. I fought it hard.

Digital Scrapbooking.

I finally caved about a year ago, but I was just a wee bit too frugal to commit to the PhotoShop purchase. Until just today. When I went to look up how much it was, and Elements was on sale for $66. Suh-weet! Before that, I used GIMP, a free software quite similar to PhotoShop Elements.

You know, I like it. Now that I have some really basic skills. Those include using the "Quick Drop Digital Layouts" where I can just slide my photo in, resize the photo to fit the opening, and add a title and a bit of text for a caption. Once the page is complete, I learned how to "flatten" and "resize" my layout so that it's not huge, and I can post it to this blog. ;)

Each monthly digital kit comes with a half a dozen Quick Drops (in addition to tons of other cool things). That's just enough to keep me busy for an evening on the couch with my laptop. The bonus is that I'm in the same room as my family. That counts as family time, right?

This is my first layout made in Elements. It's about one of my favorite people--Rita Braun, your member services gal at Club Scrap! We were leaving the office together one day and saw this beautiful rainbow. I love how it looks like Rita's got the rainbow in her arms. It just makes me smile.

August 2012 Club Scrap Bold Blooms Digital Kit, QDDL #3
Rita, thanks for all that you do to create sunshine in my day!

If you've been thinking about trying digital, don't be afraid. You're gonna love that club, too! (And your paper crafting supplies promise not to get jealous.)


  1. What a fun layout and congrats on getting such a great deal on Photoshop!
    You are becoming quite the digi scrapper! Way to go!

  2. Rita puts the sunshine in my day a lot of times, too! Very pretty layout, Tricia.

  3. Photoshop Elements is a great program, enjoy and have fun with it.Rita is a real wonder!

  4. Rita put the sunshine in my day just this week on Thursday! I'm still not digital yet---once the rooms of paper explode...maybe.

  5. You're going deeper into the dark side! It's fun, huh?

    1. It sure is, Lisa! I'm starting to dive into working with the templates, too. Loving it!

  6. Great picture of Rita! Great story, too. Fun layout. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. great layouts and ictures.

  8. I just can't go there. I spend too much time on the computer as it is, and I like getting my fingers inky and the smell of glue.
    But I DO like your layout!!


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