Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stuff I Like.

There are a few things in life that I would be very sad to live without. I wonder how many of them are the same as yours?

1. Cheese. Yep. I'm a Wisconsin girl through and through, and I adore cheese of all kinds. Aged cheddar, squeaky cheese curds, feta, blue, romano, parmesan, cottage, ricotta, string, whips, baby swiss, colby, muenster, brick. (Do you get the idea?) This is a picture of my "cheese drawer" in my fridge. I'm serious about my cheese.

2. MacBook Pro. I spend tons of time on my Mac. I made the switch from PC to Mac in March of 2011, and I've been loving it ever since. 

3. Running Shoes. I've been a Saucony girl for years, but I think I'm liking my new pair of New Balance. I track my mileage and retired my last pair after over 400 miles of running.

4. Netflix. Oh, man--I really like Netflix. Turns out that people make "Netflix Envelope Art". I'll have to try that sometime.

5. Wine. Red. White. Not sweet. (Unless it's Port.) Oh. . . out of a Riedel glass to match the varietal, when possible.

6. Bookbinding Glue. (My version of duct tape.) I don't leave home without it. I should have purse-sized bottles.

7. Coffee. Former Keurig user. New Breville user. Isn't it pretty? The poor Keurig just couldn't keep up with my family.

8.  Tonic Trimmer. I've been using the same trimmer for years and years. It knows me. I know it. We hang out together.

9.  Club Scrap. Pretty much goes without saying. I get to do what I love to do for my job. I'm a blessed girl. 

10. Nikon D60. My husband got me this camera for Christmas years 'n years ago. It's a little on the big side, but still fits in my purse when necessary. I dropped it on a ceramic tile floor, and it survived.

11. Anytime Fitness. My ticket to sanity. If I'm not running, or if it's too cold to run outside, you'll find me here five mornings a week. I've been a member since February, 2008.

12. Graph Paper. I carry it with me everywhere so that I can sketch formulas, ideas and cutting diagrams on a whim. Five squares per inch (quadrille). Not four. I keep my "to do" lists on graph paper, too. I like graph paper almost as much as I like cheese. Note: graph paper composition books are on sale during back-to-school time! Stock up!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of this week's favorites! Be sure to check back!


  1. See, I KNEW there would be stuff I missed! BB glue...not just for crafting (I've been known to use it for all sorts of things). Wine...how could I miss WINE!?!?!

  2. Cheese, Macbook Pro, Malbec, Black Star Farms Late Harvest Riesling, walking and dancing, Netflix, Tonic Trimmer, Club Scrap, Olympus camera, Netflix, new scrapbook room, Bookbinding glue, No additive Haribo gummy bears, Stash green tea, A/C, my wonderful husband. You lost me at the graph paper! LOL!

    1. See---we have SO much in common!!! Can't have everything, though. Some people just don't get my affection for graph paper.

  3. Cheese... When I was growing up in Menomonie, WI, my dad, who was a dairy chemist, thought that great Sunday entertainment for the kids was taking us to little country cheese shops for tastings... Yes, lots of good cheese, and I love it too!

  4. I'm so wanting to photo all the cheese in my fridge now. But I'm dieting, the cheese is going to waste---cheese is not my friend right now. I miss cheese. I love cheese. And wine. I miss wine.

    1. You need to go on my diet. Er. . . way of eating. I've lost 23 pounds with this method, and I eat LOTS 'n LOTS of cheese, and still enjoy wine!

    2. I think until I drop some weigh--training for a marathon might just flat kill me!

  5. Tricia,
    Love your loves! It seems we all have a lot alike! :)

  6. Those are all great loves Tricia! What a happy list :)

  7. Super list, Tricia, it seems we have some things in common! I can see your Dutch heritage: CHEESE! Smile!


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