Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oil Pastel Techniques

I challenge myself to explore a new technique every year for my Retreat workshop. It all begins by locking myself in the craft room for a play day. Typically, most of my experimentation ends up in the "circular file," but I'm okay with that. My art medium of choice for 2012 was oil pastels. I used colors from Faber-Castell's Creative Studio's 12-pack for the class, and we had some fun!

We explored four different techniques and made ten cards during our two-hour workshop. Once we finished trying each concept once or twice, everyone had a little extra time for play. (My favorite part!)

These were the supplies for the class:
Faber-Castell Creative Studio Oil Pastels, 12-pack
Mineral Oil
Heavy Duty Shop Towels
Water Brush
Watercolor Crayons (or Gelatos)
CS® India Black Inkpad
CS® Unmounted Leaf Stamps (designed just for the workshop)
Cards, Panels and Envelopes
CS® Grid Ruler
Permanent Fine Tipped Marker

One advantage to teaching the workshop four times is that I'm able to make a whole bunch of samples for demonstration. Now I've got a huge pile 'o cards for Christmas gifts. And it's only October. Check.

If you own some oil pastels, dust 'em off and book in some playtime. Watch for the class kit to become available later this week. It will include a video of my workshop so that you can learn the techniques we used at Retreat. It's the next best thing to being there!

Creatively Yours,


  1. Cool cards - love them all and will be glad when this project is opened up to the rest of us....:)

  2. Tricia: I scraplifted some of your samples from class and they turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration! Marie

  3. Wow, gorgeous cards Tricia. Love the leaf and newsprint stamps.

  4. Absolutely stunning and fantastic cards Tricia. You continue to inspire!

  5. I really enjoyed that class. OK, so I really enjoyed all the workshops at retreat.

  6. Can't wait for the kit! I have these oil pastels and have not mastered them yet. I love the vibrant colors!

  7. Tricia, your card workshops are always super fun! I dearly love playing with various ways to usa a medium -- feels so artsy! Your cards are fabulous, as always!

  8. The video is super! You are so inspiring! I wanna play!!!


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