Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creative Concoctions

Happy Thursday! Ron here with the next installment of Retreat Workshop fun.

This year I had the distinct honor and pleasure of teaching a very cool workshop called Creative Concoctions. It's a different kind of workshop - not like anything that Club Scrap® has really done before. Rather than make a project or learn a new technique, everyone got to make home-made craft products!

Recipes and containers for your creative concoctions.

Tricia had the original idea for this workshop and she enlisted the help of CS® Member Julie Heyer who did some extensive online research to come up with lots of recipes for several different homemade concoctions. Then Julie, Tricia, and I tested the recipes and chose the best ones for five different items: Embossing Ink, Shimmer Mist, Stamp Cleaner, Alcohol Ink, and Gesso. As an added bonus, I got to create the recipe cards and labels that are part of the workshop kit.

And some of the products, like the alcohol ink and shimmer mist, can be made in a variety of colors. If you use CS® re-inkers, you can make them to make all of your CS® ink pads - how cool is that?!

At retreat, we set up the classroom with five separate stations. Folks moved from station to station during the workshop so that everyone had time to make each concoction. Tricia and I worked together to make sure that everyone got to every station and understood exactly how to make each formula. There was more than enough time to get everything done and everyone seemed to have a great time.

If you weren't able to attend retreat or get Retreat In A Box (RIAB) this year, you might just wanna head on over to and pick up one of these kits (and a few extra containers) so that you can make your own crafting recipes. And if you did go to retreat or get RIAB, go get some extra containers 'cuz you just know that you'll need to make some extras!

Now go create something wonderful!


  1. Ron, I was so honored that Tricia asked me to help her out and it was a blast trying out all the different recipes :)
    You did such a fantastic job with the workshop video and from what all the attendees said, at Retreat as well.
    It was so hard keeping this one a secret ;)

  2. Ooo does the stamp cleaner work like the old CS stamp cleaner? I SOOO miss that stuff and have not found a suitable alternative.

  3. Janet, not the same as the CS stamp cleaner, but a good all-purpose cleaner nonetheless. For stubborn stuff, you'll need something a bit stronger.

  4. I can't wait to create some concoctions.i bought extra bottles to make alcohol inks from my CS reinkers.


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