Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Tool Time!

In honor of this week's sweet sale on tools, I wanted to share a little something that I discovered while I was at the Silver Birch Ranch (SBR) Scrapbooking Retreat.

It's rare that I have time to finish my own pages. I mean, making the assembled pages, diagrams and instructions is a pretty big project every month, and by the time all of that is completed, I'm already off to the next month's deadlines.

After lugging tons of albums with naked completed pages and a few bins of photos to the retreat, I had high hopes for what could be accomplished. And once I discovered this little 8x8" CS® Grid Ruler trick, I was off and running. Over one hundred pages were completed despite the fact that I taught seven workshops that same weekend!

A video is worth a million words, so here's the secret to my cropping success. (Go to the blog to view the video.)

Grab your 8x8" Grid Ruler. And if you don't own one, now's the time to change that!

Efficiently Yours,


  1. Brilliant!! Hmm do I have one of these--what box is it in? Man need to clean out the crafting area!!

  2. BRILLIANT is right!!! WOW, fantastic tip. I am definitely going to use this! Thanks Tricia, you are always thinking.

  3. Seriously, I need to crop with you. I have all of these lovely alsb pages done, and when I sit down to work with them I swear it takes me longer to finish a page than if I had started from scratch. As a friend of mine would say, that's messed up.

    1. I'd love that, DonnaLee! Your place or mine???

    2. My Goodness! You just keep coming up with useful stuff to teach us. This was an A-Ha!! moment for me. Why did it take you so long to get here? Did you recently work with some quilters? My Sis said she knew this for some time because of her work on her fabric stash. I don't bash her stash and she doesn't bash mine! (What about that for a quote or kit? A cross between Collections,Common Threads, and Color in Black and White.)

    3. Tricia - Why choose? Can't we figure out a way to do both???


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