Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What happens at camp . . .

I know that many (most?) of you don't live anywhere near Club Scrap (in Wisconsin), but I've just gotta give you a glimpse of our fun scrapbooking weekend at Silver Birch Ranch!

It's beautiful "up there".

Kay, Rita and I piled into our vehicles and drove just 90 minutes north to camp on Thursday afternoon. We packed our flashlights and sleeping bags, casual clothes and a few snacks. Unlike the vast details of our own Club Scrap retreats, we had just three things on our minds:

1. Setting up a small on-site "Pro Shop."

2. Teaching a total of seven workshops. (Two workshops to three different groups, and one workshop with everyone.)

3. Getting our own scrapbooking projects completed.

There were eighty fabulous ladies in attendance, and the entire weekend was a blast!

I think I finished almost 100 pages while I was there. Kay made a few prototypes for future Club Stamp projects, and Rita completed quite a few of her 700-plus ALSB layouts awaiting photos. (Yep, you read that right. 700. Just sayin'.)

For workshops, we completed the Passport to Fun mini book . . .

Jac's awesome "Letters on the Wall" project . . .

And an 8-page ALSB sampler . . .

Plus, there was an awesome group of excellent staff and volunteers that did all of the cooking, baking and dishes for the entire weekend! Hallelujah! Gotta love that.

So, if you're in our neck of the woods, think about coming up to the ranch for their stamping retreat on March 21-24 or mark your calendar for November, 2013! It's a blastie blast! Oh, don't forget to bring your golashes. Red polka-dotted golashes, if you have them.

Retreatingly yours,


  1. Thanks Tricia, Kay and Rita for a fabulous weekend! :)

    1. Hmmm... looks like I should learn to log out of my library account before I do personal stuff, huh?

    2. Too funny, Holly! It was GREAT to see you at camp. I know it's a huge effort for you and your family to be there. :) I like hearing from your personal AND professional side!

    3. And I have 2 friends convinced that they have to come with next year... we'll see how that works out! :)

  2. Oh goodie dates for 2013! I'll be at one of those!

    1. That would be so cool if you could make it, Lisa!

  3. Looks like a blast!! Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

  4. It was rusticly beautiful there. I got to help with workshops but also got several projects done too (the best of both worlds if you ask me)so glad I was able to go too!


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