Thursday, December 6, 2012

How About a Little Pinspiration?

Okay, Club Scrap Creates! has been going strong since May and I've been posting every week since we started. Normally, I really enjoy coming up with something new to chat about, but this week, I was at a loss - I didn't have an idea about what to write (and I really didn't have time to write a digital tutorial - it's just been one of those weeks!), so when I got home from work today (um, it's Wednesday, so I needed to come up with something!), I pointed my browser to Pinterest - I thought if I spent a few minutes hours browsing, I might come up with an idea.

I decided to do a search for 'Club Scrap' just to see what would come up and, WOW - such wonderful things showed up!! Yes, a lot of the photos are directly from Club Scrap - cards made by Tricia and projects made by Kay (and even a few digital layouts of mine!) showed up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of cool photos from other places - all using Club Scrap products!

So for your review, here are just a few of the really beautiful things I found…

First up, this nifty card by Lisa Dolezal using the Wildflowers kit:

Wildflowers is one of my favorite kits - I just love the imagery, don't you?

Next, is this great digital layout by Cathy Gray:

This is the Come Sail Away Digital kit and I love how Cathy blended the sailboat image with the photo - so cool!

Cindy made a couple of wonderful cards using a stamp from the Full Circle kit. This photo is in the Club Scrap® Galleria, but I managed to miss it - so glad I found it on Pinterest!

Cindy used colors that are so different from the Full Circle palette, but it really pops - well done!

BobbiesGirl from Splitcoast Stampers created this amazing card using one of my favorite stamps from Nature's Wonders:

I love the technique and will definitely be stealing borrowing it as soon as I have a chance to spend some time in my craft room!

Last, but certainly not least, here's a terrific calendar project from Deb Charlesworth:

She used Comfort Zone (another favorite of mine!) to make it - this would make a great gift for someone this holiday season!

I've just scratched the surface with these 5 offerings. I hope they've 'pinsipred' you to create something wonderful. And if you've got a few minutes hours to spare, go to Pinterest and see what you find - it's amazing!

See you next week!


  1. Hi Ron, thanks for all the pinspiration. (Why do I always feel like I need to put on deodorant after I type that word?) Happy Thursday!!

  2. LOL, Janet you are a hoot! Ron, we are all so busy this time of year and you are so right, Pinterest offers a huge amount of artwork, including those made by our Club Scrap neighbors. A gorgeous array of projects!

  3. Great finds, and thanks for you kind comment on my digital layout using Sail Away.

  4. Wow, really some beauties here Ron. Thanks!

  5. Love all the CS Pinterests! It's so much easier to find everyone's creations now. I'm honored, Ron!

  6. I made more of those calendars this year - they are fun and simple to make!


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