Friday, August 9, 2013

Club Scrap Retreat Is Upon Us Now!

The Club Scrap 2013 August Retreat workshops are now in full swing!
We are so excited once again to be hosting so many great crafters, artists, and fellow enthusiasts!
Since I can't reveal the 2013 Projects yet, I'm enjoying looking back at last year - especially at this Beaded Canvas Book because it just came back online the other day.

Theme Park Beaded Canvas 

The Beaded Canvas Book 2012 Retreat Project (just newly back online!!! did I already mention that?!?). Such a sweet project and I think Karen really enjoyed teaching it. I still don't know which version is my favorite, the Theme Park one shown above or the Class Version, the Sedona Version, or the For Him Version all shown below!

Class Version

Sedona Version

For Him Version

Whatever your favorite project might be, make sure you check out the past Retreat items sale!
Kay here at Club Scrap


  1. Too funny - Kay, you're slipping, I was looking for a Retreat Spoiler!!

    Love that book I need to put pictures in mine!!

  2. I would really really LOVE to do a Retreat Spoiler...but I don't think I can get away with that one, will have to wait until October. We are right in the middle of the August Retreat now, half the workshops have already happened, it's been so fun and going to quickly!


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