Monday, August 12, 2013

Retreat Memories 2010 & 2011

Every year Club Scrap hosts wonderfully creative Retreats in Wisconsin!  
In 2010 and then again in 2011, I made that trip and both experiences were beyond my expectations. 
I was blessed this year with the chance to go again and I grabbed it. This will be my first August Retreat and I am so excited to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends from the Club Scrap Community.

Here are some of my fondest memories from October Retreats 2010 & 2011.

2010 Roaring 20's Theme Night

2010 Workshop with Tricia

2010 Visiting GHM (Gotta Have More) Club Scrap Warehouse Shopping

2010 Pajama Party and hanging out with friends

2011 Kay's Workshop

2011 Trip to Club Scrap Warehouse for Champagne Shopping

2011 Receiving gifts during a workshop

Thanks for taking a stroll down Retreat Memory Lane with me.   
I encourage you all to make the trip to Wisconsin, it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
I have been blessed with 3 once in a lifetimes.


ALSB'd layouts used:

Layout 1 - 2010 Retreat kits in review
Layout 3 - 2010 Retreat kits in review
Layout 4 - 2010 Connections Retreat kit
Layout 6 - 2011 Girl's Night Out kit


  1. Thanks for the memories Julie!


  2. Lots of great memories . . . 14 years of them for me! :)

    1. I just a Retreat Toddler Tricia! You're a Teenager! LOL

  3. Wonderful memories, Julie! I am sure you had another great time and wonderful pages will come from it. Love looking at your past pages.
    Each retreat gives so many friends and wonderful happenings to scrap.
    Can't wait until October is here!

  4. Awesome layouts Julie, and they bring back lots of great memories. It was so wonderful seeing you over the weekend, thanks for all you do! The August Retreat was just great, and looking forward to the October Retreat already!

  5. Impatiently witing for October! Thanks for sharing!


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