Thursday, September 5, 2013

Digital Fun with Take Wing

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday!

Okay, it’s a new month, so that means a new kit: Take Wing — isn’t it beautiful?? I just love the imagery and the overall ‘style’ of the kit - some of that style reminds me of Pure & Simple, another fave of mine!

Once the Take Wing Digital Kit was done (yeah, the last week of the month gets pretty crazy, trying to get all the parts and pieces done in time, but it’s also lots and lots of fun!!), I decided that I needed to spend some time playing, but lately, time has been at a premium for me, so I turned to my favorite time-saving digi-parts: QDDLs! And to save even more time, I asked Jac to do 3 of ‘em!

So here are the 3 QDDLs that Jac made:
Jess & Gavin

Mr. Scott & Wine - 'nuff said!

And here are my 3:
Mykonos, Greece 2013

Me & a few friends, Retreat 2010

Venice, Italy 2013

Lastly, my BFF, Sharon, had a birthday yesterday, so I took one of the QDDLs and turned it into a birthday card for her (which I posted on her Facebook page, of course!):
Happy Birthday, Sharon!

And all of these layouts (and the card) were done in record time - about 20 minutes! Can't beat that!

So the next time you need a quick craft-fix, try a QDDL - or 3! It doesn't get much easier!

'til next time,



  1. Ron, thanks for sharing all of these amazing layouts and even the beautiful digi card for Sharon! I bet she loved it!

    So many gorgeous QDDL's with this kit. Great job!

  2. WOW, just wow!
    These are really gorgeous!

  3. Love the QDDL's and card. Just received my kit yesterday. Love, love,love this kit!

  4. Love the QDDL's and card. Just received my kit yesterday. Love, love,love this kit!

  5. Ron, Just beautiful! I love this kit. Received my kit today. The papers are beautiful in touch and feel. But you used them digitally to perfection. Favorites...the card and the Venice layout...oops...and the door (a Ron signature piece!)

  6. Nice layouts Ron and you got me motivated to do a couple pages


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