Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Digital Inchies

Happy Thursday!

The Scrap Rap, Club Scrap’s monthly newsletter, has always been a major source of inspiration, but lately, the ideas have been over-the-top! Saturday morning I had a chance to look at the latest version of this month’s Rap. It was updated on Friday to include the Club Stamp kit. And that card on page 13 really grabbed my attention. I’ve been a fan of ‘inchie’ art for a while now and loved the idea of doing a simple inchie using patterned paper.

Hey, wait a minute, can we do this digitally? You betchya!

Here’s how . . .

1. Create a 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch, 300 ppi document with a White Background.

2. Select the Marquee tool and use the top tool bar to choose a ‘fixed size’ style and set the height and width to one inch.

3. Open one of the Take Wing Digital background files.

4. Click on one of the background files. You’ll see marching ants outlining a 1" square.

5. Select the Arrow tool (also known as the Move Tool) and drag the 1 inch square to the card layout.

6. Position the patterned square in the center of the white square.

7. Select Layer Style from the Layer Menu and choose Bevel and Emboss.

8 Adjust the settings as follows:

9. Press ‘OK’ when done. This will add a bit of depth to the patterned layer.

10. Merge all layers and Save the file as a JPG.

Now make a bunch more, using different parts of the same background sheet and with different backgrounds.

Once you’ve got a collection, use them to build a card or two or as a layout element. Try these with different kits or with different colored backgrounds. You can also print at home and use them to create hybrid cards!

My version of the card that appeared in the Scrap Rap!

These inchies make nice embellishments, don't they?
And here's another card idea!

The next time you’ve got a few minutes to spare, create some digital inchies and use them to make all kinds of wonderful things.

See you next week!



  1. RON!! WOWZA, love your digital inchie art! And that Layout is GORGEOUS!

  2. Really cute! Love everything you made!!

  3. Very cute and I will case this and put something on my blog later today

  4. Ron, those are so cool, I can see them as an addition to future paper kits too! Great embellishments, great cards!
    Beth M

  5. those are cute card and the inchies are so cool

  6. Wow, Just Wow is right! These are all really wonderful Ron.

  7. Oh Ron! Love these cards! Thanks for the tut!!!

  8. That is so cool. Thanks for the directions.


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