Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Video Tutorials--Let's Play with Stencils!

I have to give a shout-out to Donna Lee, who commented on Tricia's post yesterday that she'd like to see a blog post with all of the stencil technique vids Tricia has done in ONE place. You got it!

Let's start with the "Essentials", shall we? Tricia uses common watercolor crayons to produce cool background effects in this tutorial.

Like the watercolor crayon technique? Then you'll LOVE how Gelatos work with our stencils!

Don't stop there...check out what happens when you ink up one of our larger stencil images and combine it Unmounted rubber stamps...delicious!

Confused about how to use multiple layers or ink colors on a single stencil? This video shows you how to take these stencils to the next level.

Now for an "oldie but goodie"...the Freedom Banner Stencil! This stencil has been known to throw folks for a loop, but here Tricia shows you how to use it with success!

Finally, this one isn't a video tutorial, but it IS a great written tutorial about how to use one of my favorite stencils of all time. Tricia demos the Asian Artisan Stencil in her Four-Part Birdie Stencil blog post. No other stencil to date has the ability to offer this much WOW factor!

So there you have incredible amount of inspiration, packed into one l'il ol' blog post. Now do me a favor...I don't wanna think I did all this research for nothin'...get out there and get some stencils dirty!

Creatively yours,


  1. WOW, awesome Karen and thanks Donna Lee for posting the comment!

  2. you did it! now, let's do all the stencil links in the Raps! Ha! just kidding... maybe when we catalog all the Rap contents, you'll be able to find those links. Working on it...

  3. This illustrates two of the many reasons that Club Scrap has no equal. First, look at all of these lovely, high quality videos to inspire us to use our wonderful CS stencils. Seriously - who else does that - and does it CONSISTENTLY? And second, Karen's blog today demonstrates how amazing Club Scrap's customer service is. I asked and they delivered.

  4. Totally agree Donna Lee! And just in time for PSL (Pro Scrapbooker's League) This will inspire us for when the stencil challenge comes along! Love Club Scrap!

  5. I love stencils! Great to work with them on cards and scrapbook pages. Thanks for refreshing our techniques!

  6. Just what the doctor ordered! Recovering from mild flu which is cramping my style in the ALSB challenge (doctor's orders to rest) so just finished watching Tricia's tutorial on her 3 favorite layouts (on YouTube) and was about to look for more! I agree with Donna Lee! Club Scrap is the best!
    Thanks for these!

  7. Thank you so much! Will love coming back time and time again to watch these.

  8. Oh thank you. I recently joined club scrap and had no idea what to do with stencils.

  9. I enjoyed these videos...please make more for techniques!


  10. I enjoyed the videos...

    I tried to order the D-Folder kit and a message said there are none left in stock...something like that...I'm disappointed that the D-Folders are not in stock. Maybe more in stock in future?

    1. There are still a few D-ring albums in stock on our website.


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