Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video Tutorials--Stamp your HeART Out!

I received such great feedback to last week's post featuring all my favorite stencil video tutorials, that I thought it only fitting to compile my favorite stamping technique videos for "Stamping Week". So, without further ado, here are some awesome stamping vids to enable inspire you!

**Trouble viewing these stamping videos?  Please use the links provided under each video**

If you've never worked with Unmounted Rubber Stamps before, this is  the video for you!

Using Unmounted Rubber Stamp

Even if you're an experienced stamper, sometimes your artwork doesn't turn out how you'd like. It never hurts to review the "basics", so check out this just might find Tricia's basic stamping tips helpful.

Rubber Stamping Basics

Masking is one of those techniques that makes cards look very sophisticated, but can really be quite simple. Tricia shows you how.

Stamp Masking

Looking for something unique to add dimension to your pages and cards? Create your own awesome backgrounds with Tricia's help.

Stamped Backgrounds

Watercolor crayons and pencils can be combined with stamping for fabulous results. Check it out.

Watercolor and Colored Pencils 

Ever find yourself scratching your head wondering "How did they DO that?" Yep, me too...this video took me from head-scratching to an "Aha!" moment.

Three in a Row

Some stamps look confusing...until you play with them. Get stunning, artsy results with Tricia's tips.

Bold Blooms 

A really simple stamp can turn into something REALLY special by just adding a simple but unique technique. Check out Tricia's Jumping Leaves tutorial!

Jumping Leaves

I hope this collection of videos inspires you to grab some stamps and schedule yourself some play time. I encourage you to try any one (or more!) of these just never know what amazing art you'll create in the process. And don't forget to post your creations on the Club Scrap Galleria!

Creatively yours,


  1. These all seem to be the same video. I'm not sure your links worked....

    1. Pam try again, I got all diffferent ones

    2. Pam--I just re-checked the post, and it seems to work fine on both my PC and my laptop. However, the videos are reverting to all the same one on my iPad. This leads me to believe something funky is going on with the formatting on an iPad or other tablet. That's my best guess?

    3. Hi Karen, I believe it has more to do with the browser Pam is using. I am on Safari and am seeing the same thing. I have tried using all other browsers and they are all displaying the correct videos.

  2. Thank You for having these all in the same place

  3. Love that we have a quick reference to all the same types of videos, fantastic!

  4. They all work fine for me on Windows Explorer.

  5. I see 6 of one and 1 other - Bold Blooms. I use Safari on a Mac.


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