Sunday, February 16, 2014

Big Deal Lite Assembly Line Pages

The novelty of what we do every month at Club Scrap had a chance to sink in again as I was able to take a few moments to finish the Assembly Line pages with photos. Because everything was prepped and ready to go, I was able to record my 2013 adventure with my dad in Arizona in less than an hour. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Let's see how they turned out . . .

The stencil in this kit is 'da bomb. That's how the left edge of the Grey base paper was enhanced. I can't wait to play with the 7x7" stencil and my 6x6" geli plate!

I just happened to have a photo of our group playing cards in Arizona. My dad and his wife, Marlene, have a ball playing cards almost every night!

The dual-sided Red Pearl paper adds so much variety. Just flip it to your favorite coordinating side . . . the pearl metallic or bold red.

The card/game theme of this collection is a nice hook for all sorts of topics. Here, it's just a summary of the fun and dining we experienced on our trip.

Just a gentle smattering from the stencil in the upper left corner adds so much to the Yellow Plain base paper.

This page features my dad's wheelchair adventure in Nogales, Mexico, where two kindly gentlemen literally carried my dad up two flights of stairs so we could enjoy dinner and a mariachi band at this cool restaurant!

I love how this final page came together. Careful planning during the ALSB development allowed for plenty of finishing touches on the last pair of pages.

Checkers, anyone? Nah . . . how about some pole vaulting!

It will be fun to see what subject matter finds its way onto these versatile pages. Download the assembly instructions HERE. Not a member? We can fix that! Click HERE to sign up or learn more about our club options starting at just $19.95/month.



  1. I love looking at the before and after photos of ALSB. It totally helps me imagine the possibilities. Thanks, Tricia!

  2. Awesome Tricia and that stencil is a must have!

  3. Waiting for mine to get here - <3


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