Friday, February 28, 2014

Gelli Plate - Art Orphan Paper Pack

Recently I participated in the Big Deal Blog Hop and shared the details on how to create your own paper pack on my CapeScrapper Blog.  Using Bookbinding, Padding and Laminating Glue and a stack of art orphans, created using my Gelli Plate, I now have a paper pack of artsy goodness.

Today I want to share how I created one of these papers in more detail.

Step 1. Squirt a few dots of red acrylic paint onto your Gelli Plate and roll on with a rubber brayer.

Step 2. Use the Big Deal tiny suits stamp from the Art Nouveau UM sheet to remove some of the red paint by dabbing it randomly over the wet painted surface.

Step 3. Place a sheet of plain white paper down onto the stamped Gelli Plate and remove.

Step 4. Wipe your Gelli plate clean between paint applications. Add dots of gold paint to the plate and roll flat with the brayer.  Lay a stencil (Full Circle 2012) on top of the wet paint and remove to the red painted paper. With another sheet of paper over the top of the wet stencil, burnish down onto red painted paper.

Step 5. Lay down a Masking stencil (Tahiti 2012) directly onto clean Gelli Plate. Add dots of white acrylic paint and roll on over the stencil.

Step 6. Carefully remove the stencil.

Step 7. Lay down the gold and red paper panel onto the wet white acrylic paint and burnish.

Step 8. Remove the paper to reveal the image.

Step 9. Stamp over the finished piece using the same Big Deal tiny suits Art Nouveau stamp and a checked stamp from the Concrete Playground 2010 Crafter Classic stamp set.

You can achieve so many different looks each time.

I made this card using a portion of the art orphan, a Take Wing red panel, Watercolor Blossoms "thinking of you" sentiment, and Big Deal brads.

Here are some of the other papers I created using a variety of stamps, stencils, masks, and paints.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a creative weekend.


Other Club Scrap Products used in creating the Gelli Plate art orphans
2003 Poetic feather and diamond wood mount stamp
2006 Collections script wood mount stamp
2012 Sorrento doily mask
2011 Versailles swirl mask
Neon Ink Dabbers Blue, Purple, Pink, and Green


  1. Very interesting Julie, do you sleep, you just keep coming up with these nifty ideas.

    1. LOL Ruby, you would be shocked to now, I actually do. Thanks!

  2. Oooh, it looks like you had some fun times. Love the results! I don't want to do what I have to do today. I wanna PLAY!

  3. Thanks, you have wonderful results. I love playing w my gelli plate!

  4. Julie, you always inspire me! Time to get messy!

  5. My Gelli Plate is still in the package. :( Maybe I can pull it out and play this weekend. Lovely artwork, Julie!

  6. Thanks for all the hints, I am having a couple of friends over to play and have both of my geli plates ready- they should arrive soon and may the creative ooh and ahhs begin!

  7. I really really need a free day and clean dining room table to play with my gelli plates!! Your ideas look so fun!

  8. wouldn't be super cool if the March Trees kit was made with these cool gelli plate techniques??? ;)

  9. You always do such a nice job. Glad to see you on other days of the week.


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