Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Cardmaking Sketch

Member Debby Hernandez put in a request on the forum for cardmaking instructions using 12x12 papers. Here's a new one for you!

I created four cards with these instructions, 12x12 Beige and Light Green papers from the Trees kit, several stamps from the Trees Borders & Backgrounds unmounted stamps and Hybrid Inks in Moss, Leaf, Spruce* and Earth.

I used stamps and inks to alter the panels so I could differentiate them for layering.

Here is how I created contrast with the nesting panels.

Card One

1. Ink the 3.5x4.75" Light Green panel with a direct-to-paper technique. I love the way the Leaf ink reveals the gorgeous texture of the paper.

2. Create a unique pattern with the diamond stamps from the UM Borders & Backgrounds sheet. I cut the diamonds apart and reconfigured them into this pattern on my acrylic block.

3. Stamp a pattern onto one of the tan card bases with Earth ink.

4. Stamp one 1.75x2.5" Beige panel with Earth ink and the dotty "noise" stamp. Stamp one 1x4.25" Beige panel with the sentiment stamp and Earth ink. Wrap a small piece of the paper paper rafia around the panel and adhere all layers to the card base.

Card Two

1. Stamp onto one Light Green card base with the large tree image and Spruce ink.

2. Use the direct-to-paper ink technique from step one for the 3.5x4.75" Beige panel and the diamond technique for the 1.75x2.5" Light Green panel. Stamp a sentiment onto the 1x4.25" strip. Ink a small portion of the large tree stamp as a focal image next to the sentiment.

Card Three

1. Repeatedly stamp the dotty "noise" image onto the Light Green card base with Moss, Spruce and Leaf inks.

2. Ink the leaves of the tree image with assorted shades of green, and use a brown marker to color the branches; stamp onto the 3.5x4.75" Beige panel.

3. Use the direct-to-paper technique on the remaining 1.75x2.5" Light Green panel.

4. Stamp the diamond pattern onto the 1x4.25" panel from left to right using increasingly lighter shades of ink to create an ombré effect. Finish by stamping the sentiment in Earth ink.

Card Four

1. Use the direct-to-paper technique with Earth ink on the Beige card base.

2. Stamp the tree image with the coloring technique from the previous card and stamp onto the remaining 3.5x4.75" Light Green and 1.5x.25" panels. Align the images when layering onto the completed card.

3. Stamp the sentiment onto the remaining tan 1x4.25" panel and add the dotty "noise" stamped image with the ombré effect and Spruce ink.

Enjoy this set of free cutting instructions and don't forget to share your work with us on the Club Scrap Forum!


*Spruce Hybrid Ink Holiday WOW special edition ink pad no longer available.


  1. Julie this is wonderful! Thank you very much!
    I especially like the way you make your own pattern paper with stamps and all the details.

    1. You are so welcome Debby! It was fun challenging myself to use the 12x12 format. Glad you liked the cards too :)

  2. Very nice Julie!

  3. Julie, I really love this set. I think you did some very creative stuff, and getting so much out of just two sheets of 12x12 always seems ingenious to me. I also love the idea about changing the configuration of the diamond UMs. So clever! Thanks for some great inspiration this morning!

  4. Oh, I also love having the instructions in pinnable format. Now, I can save and refer to them easily from Pinterest! Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much for the great directions and I agree with Pam, this is a great idea with just two sheets!

  6. Beautiful cards Julie,I use 12 x 12 sometimes for cards but tend to waste some of the smaller pieces. You have given me ideas on how to use them. Thanks as always

  7. Great formula and great cards! I really like how these cards are masculine . . . even "jungle" in feel. Nicely done!

  8. I was thinking and also doing this with 4 pieces you could add in a patterned paper to give you some extra "kick" if you don't feel like doing as much stamping and end up with even more cards ;)

    1. Absolutely Janet! You can use as many papers as you would like to make an unlimited number of cards! Great idea!

  9. Lovely cards, Julie! I will definitely use the formula!

  10. Julie, love the cards. Thanks so much for the 12x12 instructions and details about each card.

  11. Wow, ditto on what everyone else has said heheee!

  12. Julie, What wonderful cards -- you are so creative and I loved the way you used the stamps. This is definitely a keeper and I can envision using it with other paper also. In quilting, I sometimes dye over or stamp fabric that I find I can't use. I can see using your techniques over some paper that hasn't worked out for me to totally alter appearance. Thanks

  13. I love how you altered the solids to make awesome coordinating panels! Plain paper is just so boring...

  14. Thanks, Julie, for these great instructions! Your cards are beautiful!

  15. thank you for the card sketch and what beautiful cards.


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